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Summer is looking good with Ipanema’s Gisele Bündchen Seeds Collection

Updated on April 19, 2009

Summer is looking good with Ipanema’s Gisele Bündchen Seeds Collection

Make sure you look good wherever you go this summer with Ipanema! The Brazil-based maker of fashionable, funky sandals and flip-flops is this season premiering the earth-inspired GB Seeds Collection, named after Gisele Bündchen, the world-famous Brazilian fashion icon and environmental activist widely considered the world’s top supermodel.  

The GB Seeds Collection by Ipanema draws inspiration from the wonders of nature. The collection comes in a wide spectrum of the colors of nature, in metallic and non-metallic variants. Each pair features unique design touches including forest-inspired prints on its soles and a metal spiral button on the front sandal strap symbolizing “the seed of life.” Apart from being a stylish little detail, the emblem is also meant to inspire the wearer and others to care for our ailing planet. 

With a collection of 5 unique styles in new various earth-inspired tones, you are sure to find a sandal perfect for your summer plans, whatever they may be.

Ipanema Summer Collection

Buy Ipanema Slippers in the Philippines

On the beach or in the bar, the GB Seeds Collection by Ipanema will make you look good wherever you walk. 

Ipanema is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation. Ipanema GB Seeds Collection for women are available in SM Department Stores, Shoe Salon, Chocolate Clothing Company, Red Alert, Landmark, Freeway, Planet Sports, Crossings, Brent and Chloe in Pampanga, Stand and Stride in Cabanatuan, Chimes Davao, 25th Avenue Square Naga, and Basix Bacolod. For other boutiques in the country, see the complete list at

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