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Sunglasses 2010

Updated on March 25, 2010

One of the most important accessories for the summer are sunglasses. This is an accessory which nobody want to save on. This season’s sunglasses vary a lot so there is for mood or style a sunglass. The styles go from sporty to classic and from rock to pop. The frames are generally smaller than what we had last season. One thing is new this season and that are the colored glass.

New trend: colored lenses


Last summer the designers have begun to experiment with the color and transparency of the lenses. We were signaled by sunglasses where the eyes where visible behind clear lenses. This was very sexy, but not suitable if you need sunglasses to hide a hangover of walls due to a sleepless night).

This season the designers went a step further and experimented a lot with colored classes. Was the lens traditionally darker in the middle to the edges of frame and blurred out, this season we find all kinds of variations. In fact, we even see glass with shows exploded motifs, there are even glasses with polka dots on the side or floral motifs.

Oversize is on it’s return, the frames are getting smaller.

 An other trend is that of the frames that are getting smaller. You can still wear the oversized frames, but gradually we are going in the direction of a good average. Between the retro-inspired designs you will see really small frames (think of the 70s hippie style). But we can say a generous medium size is what this summer prevails.

Classics, back to basics

 The crisis has brought everyone to their senses and not anyone wants in these times an exuberant sense of sunglasses. This season we also see more classics. Stylish, elegant frames with timeless design that gives you a feeling you made a good investment. Sporting, for him or her, there are always the pilot sunglasses, really a true classic. Back to basics is a trend that we see in everything, beauty, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Retro influences.

The past continues to inspire designers. The 50s, 60s and 70s are back in the sunglasses collections. You will see a lot of cat-eye and butterfly shapes. Charming, feminine and sexy!

Less flashy
Another trend, that also certainly has to do with the crisis, is that details are refined. I bet you can remember the flashy, gaudy logos decorated on sunglasses, a few years. This season is all sophisticated, the details are subtle and less pompous. So no one will see your expensive purchase.


But the sunglasses still remains a fun-object. Wear a classic sunglass to an important meeting or to work, in your spare time or on the way to the beach you can indulge in the colorful designs. Matte, glossy, sometimes even transparent. With obvious influences-pop, perfect for a cheerful and sunny day. And when the evening comes and it's time for an aperitif you look perfect with a lovely frame that has some great rock or a black lace bordered frame as that of Chanel (super chic!).

Advanced techniques

The sunglass designers and manufacturers certainly don’t lose the functionality for the eye of sunglasses (in the course of time is has become a status symbol). They still pay more attention to the protective function of the glass. UV-filters are now standard. The frames are becoming lighter and more comfortable, the are also paying more attention to the “green factor” in the choice of materials and the packaging.


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    • profile image

      Randolph Aviator 7 years ago

      Colored, or tinted lenses, can make a big difference depending upon the meteorological conditions. As a pilot I fly in a lot of different conditions, and find tan lenses work best in haze.

      I like the Steve Madden men's aviators above but prefer the Randolph aviators with the bayonet temples.


    • profile image

      Lizzy Paris 7 years ago

      That guy looks like he's wearing DSquared. What are those? is a fantastic resource for designer sunglasses both men's and women's.