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Sunscreen Review: Is Blue Lizard a Safe Suncreen?

Updated on March 13, 2012

If you’re looking for a safe sunscreen this season then one of the best choices is the Blue lizard SPF 30 sunscreen and today I review why it’s better to have than Neutrogena sunscreen.

Not only is the summer season soon to be upon us but they are tending to come quicker in the season and last longer and be more intense with each successive year. Taking proper care of your skin is becoming more vital. Having a proper sunscreen will soon be like eating healthy. If you want to live longer and avoid cancer you’re going to have to use it.

Blue Lizard sunscreen is made in the United States but it adheres to the Australian guidelines of sunscreen protection based on the ingredients used to make it. The fact that the sunscreen is spf 30 means that it will provide your skin with ninety eight percent protection combine that with the 5% titanium dioxide and 10% zinc oxide you’ll be covered for both UVA and UVB rays while at the beach.

If you are fair skinned like myself you’ll know and have an appreciation for a good sun screen. There’s nothing worse than showing with a badly burn back or shoulders. The non-toxic and non-irritating formula is great for not only adults but for sunscreen for babies too.

Part of the marketing and science behind the bottle is that it changes blue when in uv light. This not only protects the contents of the bottle but also reminds sunscreen wears to reapply once every four hours. That four hour mark is also how long it stays waterproof for, so no re-applying if you just went in for a quick dip to cool off.

If you’re worried about a thick sunscreen and breaking out you needn’t be as the formula that Blue Lizard uses is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic and lastly it’s fragrance free. The last part can be a deterrent since there are some people who like the smell of a nice sunscreen but those typically are the tanning oils, which provide very little protection.

If you are looking for a safe sunscreen that will provide hours of protection and not make you break out then I’d recommend sticking with the Aussies (who know a thing or two about sun) and grab a bottle of blue lizard sunscreen for this coming summer season.


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