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Super Skin Nutrients: Part 3

Updated on January 29, 2013
Natural mineral sources
Natural mineral sources

Super Skin Nutrients: Magnesium

The skin needs minerals to remain healthy, in this article we will focus on three vital minerals. Namely, calcium, iron and magnesium.


Skin Perfecting Properties

Calcium works hand in hand with vitamin C to make collagen and other to nutrients to keep the skin healthy. It also keeps the blood capillaries in optimum condition, it can also promote skin healing.

Best Natural Sources

The best natural sources for calcium are; cheese milk, fresh fish, chickpeas, pulses,figs,leafy and root vegetables, oatmeal and sesame seeds.


Skin Perfecting Qualities

Iron is the main mineral in the pigment that carries oxygen in the blood to the skin. When you lack iron, you might feel weak, lethargic, your immune system might suffer too.

Best Natural Sources

The best natural sources for iron are: sardines, shellfish, wholegrains, cocoa solids, raisins and sultanas, parsley, beetroot, broccoli and cabbage. These are the best natural sources for iron. A good way of getting your iron is to make a green juice or smoothie in the morning. Here are some great recipes.

Green Juice Recipe


Skin Perfecting Qualities

Magnesium plays a vital role in repairing and maintaining the skin cells. It also helps to balance hormones and reduce the effects of stress. It works side by side with calcium, the B vitamins and essential fatty acids to maintain skin health.

Best Natural Sources

The best natural sources for magnesium are: almonds, soya beans, wholegrains, green leafy vegetables and shrimps.

Make it easy for yourself to incorporate vitamin and mineral rich foods into your diet. Smoothies and juices are an excellent way of bumping your vitamin and mineral intake. Try some of the recipes below.

Glowing Green Smoothie


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