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Sure Clip Nail Clippers

Updated on May 11, 2011
Sure Clip Nail Clippers
Sure Clip Nail Clippers

Sure Clip

Sure Clip is one of the As Seen On TV products which makes me laugh.  Well, not the product itself but the silly commercial I see on late night television that kind of gives me the willies.  There's something about the idea of nail clippers, or better yet, people sitting around clipping their nails that gives me the creeps.

Like Billy Mays said in the Heel Tastic episode of Pitchmen, "I don't do feet"

But, there is a huge need for Sure Clip and using it actually solves a lot of the problems I tend to associate with nail clipping.  The main one being that I hate to see nail clippings all over the house or stacked up on the arm of my couch after my wife watches a movie.  I suppose it's not the end of the world, but to me it's pretty disgusting.

The thing that initially drew me to sure clip, besides the commercial, was the catch guard which catches all the clippings in the sure clip so they can be dumped out into the garbage can as opposed to the carpet.

Watch the Sure Clip commercial below and after you're done laughing we'll give the product a proper review.

Sure Clip Commercial

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Sure ClipSure Clip Nail ClippersSure Clip As Seen On TVSure Clip GripSure Clip Really Works
Sure Clip
Sure Clip
Sure Clip Nail Clippers
Sure Clip Nail Clippers
Sure Clip As Seen On TV
Sure Clip As Seen On TV
Sure Clip Grip
Sure Clip Grip
Sure Clip Really Works
Sure Clip Really Works

Sure Clip Review

Now that you've seen the commercial you know what I'm talking about as far as these As Seen On TV products ads go. They're just so stupid but there are things about this product which make it intriguing and if it's built well and works then it's something I want around the house.

My Sure Clip Review

Like any As Seen on TV product out there, Sure Clip claims to easily solve some annoying little problem that faces some portion of the population. And I suppose that there is a problem with nail clippers not being perfect so if Sure Clip does the job better then I'm sold.

First, the ad points out that a lot of nail clippers slip while cutting a nail and it can cause tears or uneven clipping. I guess that could be a problem for some. Next we discover that sure clip allows you to see what you are doing due its magnifying glass and built in light and I suppose I agree. It is pretty tough trying to clip when you are all bent over and can't see anything.

Next is the non-slip grip and the stainless steel blades which will not rust or oxidize. This is pretty important because just like razor blades, if your clipper oxidizes you will get an uneven cutting surface and the chance of spreading infection. You definitely need stainless steel but although I don't have the packaging for my old clippers, I'm assuming it's easy to find stainless steel clippers.

The most important thing for me was the clip catcher which traps all the clippings inside the sure clip for easy dumping in the waste can. So I was hoping that once I bought this thing, it would be so good that my wife would stop leaving me little surprises on the couch and sharp little reminders in the carpet.

So I did buy sure clip from although it took over 2 weeks to arrive, the product seemed to be as sturdy as it looked in the ad and after getting used to its larger size I must say that it worked fine for me. My wife liked it but laughed at its high tech approach but said that she did like seeing what she was clipping. She really felt that nail clipping wasn't a problem that needed to be addressed in her life but she couldn't argue with the clip catcher and how handy that was. I just hope she empties it out over the waste basket and not the sink where her clippings will just bounce off the counter, onto the floor and right into the bottoms of my feet. But, there's always a chance she'll do it right!

Now the sure clip came with a bunch of stuff and I could really care less that but I will review the offer below in case you want to buy sure clip online.

Buy Sure Clip

So you've read the review and want to buy sure clip but don't know the best deal. It's always tough to tell with these as seen on tv products but the deals can be great. We don't always need or want the extras they throw in but that's the game. If you can find sure clip in stores, you won't get the bonus stuff but I don't know if the sure clip is in stores yet or not.

I bought mine from because they have the sure clip customer service number, along with the customer service numbers for all the products they sell plus they always deliver the product. When you are addicted to these products you generally look to order from a known entity and for me Amazing Product.TV is just that. However, you can read reviews and look for buy pages all over the net but just make sure you are getting the latest and greatest deal.

When You Buy Sure Clip you can get:

  • Sure Clip with Lighted Magnifier, Miracle Nail Buffer & Miracle Foot Repair, buy one get one free for just $10.00 + $6.99 shipping and handling.
  • Buy one Platinum Edition Sure Clip and get one absolutely free. Just pay for shipping and handling
  • Get a set of small Sure Clip Nail Clippers for just $9.99 plus $3.99 shipping and handling.
  • Get a pair Sure Tweeze tweezers for just $10.00 plus free shipping and handling.
  • Get a Ped Egg with Ergonomic Handle for just $9.99 plus $2.99 processing and handling.

Besides the first offer, the last 4 are just things I've seen attached to other sure clip offers online. You should expect to see first offer as the main one from most sites offering sure clip. Read the fine print on any offer before you buy and understand there is always shipping and handling involved. Just include the shipping & handling price in your order to see how much the product really costs. In most cases it is still worth the price and still less than comparable products found in stores.


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      3 years ago

      Everyone seems to love those cute hats unfortunately, it goes aiangst the core of Permadeath when you use the DDO Store to buy something that enhances your stats the way the hat does. You could wear it on another character perhaps?From the guilds rules: You may not purchase anything quest related (rez cakes, loot potions, xp potions, store hirelings, etc), nor may you purchase +1 tomes or other character enhancers. When they were selling the lucky green hat I wanted one for my permies so badly.. but It gives you a plus 1 to your will save, so I had to let it go. I compensated by buying a hat for all of my non-PD characters. Conversely, I think the three-cornered hat doesn't do anything. I can't tell if you are angry about the hat rule or the thread being closed. I agree that the thread should have been allowed to be debated. Debate is healthy. I am pretty sure the outcome would have been the same. The final word being no as that hat is a serious stat changer. I am sorry I didn't notice you wearing it the day I played with you. I would have told ya.Cheers M8Lessah


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