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Surfer Hairstyles: How To Create A Surfer Styled Haircut

Updated on March 7, 2010
Surf haircut
Surf haircut

Surf Haircut Characteristics

If you are searching for a great new hairstyle that is easy to do and still looks great, you should probably consider shaping your hair in the popular surfer hairstyles used today. This is one hairstyle that you can be sure will be around for many years to come.

This is a fairly basic haircut that anyone can have too. The primary reason why this haircut is so simple is due to the fact that surfers developed the style through natural methods. It was truly mother nature who shaped the details of this style to make it what it is today. This style is a natural occurrence resulting from surfing for many hours in the ocean.

If you are wondering what this type of hairdo looks like, then you should know that the general appearance of this hairdo includes long hair, sometimes bleached, along with wavy or curly aspects incorporated into the hair. There are a variety of different ways that a person can approach this hairstyle though, so you should certainly leave yourself open to the many possibilities that exist if you are looking at a new hairstyle for yourself.

Surfer hairstyle
Surfer hairstyle

How To Create A Surfer Hairstyle

One of the first things that you should be doing if you want to take advantage of this popular style is the growth of your own hair. Long hair is a common theme amongst people who wear the surfer style haircut. When this haircut was first becoming popular, many surfers were surfing every single day. During the summers, surfers rarely cut their hair, which gave them incredibly long hair by the end of summer. The standard length generally reaches down to the shoulders, but it can be shorter or longer according to individual preference.

After you have your grown your hair out, you might want to also consider adding another natural look to your hairdo. Bleach is commonly used to increase the summer worn look of this style. After an entire summer of surfing in the sun, many surfers found their hair to be blonde. If you want to avoid completely altering your current hair color, you can also utilize highlights to create an accented look that still looks nice with this type of haircut.

There are many versions of this haircut style too. Many modern stars are utilizing this style to enhance their own looks. Most of the stars who wear this haircut do not go to the full natural extent that existed within the haircuts the original creators of this style portrayed. The primary reason is the fact that the frazzled look that originally existed in the hair of those who created this style does not present well when you are at a professional gathering. To present the same look, while appearing refined at the same time, many of the stars have cleaned up the original surfer style to make it presentable for all occasions.

Even though the stars are cleaning up surfer hairstyles to better match their requirements, this haircut is still a very simple style that anyone can use. One of the best parts about wearing this hairstyle is the fact that you do not have to put much time or work into creating your hairdo each day.

If you want to take advantage of the surfer hairstyle, then you should certainly start growing your hair out. Next, you will want to start taking into consideration what the natural presentation of your hair would look like after spending a good deal of time at the beach surfing. Then, once you think about your haircut in this way, you will have a pretty good idea of what your hair will look like when you are done, as well as the many actions that you can take to enhance this style for yourself.


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