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Surgery and Other Approaches: What Can You Do About Lop-sided Or Uneven Breasts?

Updated on October 3, 2014

How Much Of A Problem Are Lop-sided or Assymetrical Breasts?

Out of the many aesthetic problems which cause women sufficient distress to affect their lives, which is the foremost? There would be a lot of competition, but many might vote for the issue of lop-sided, mis-matched or asymmetrical breasts as the number one aesthetic flaw causing them to be dissatisfied with their appearance.

How many women seek surgical procedures each year as a result of being discontented with the possession of what they perceive as being lop-sided and asymmetrical breasts? A 2000 study in the Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology cites the surgical correction of mismatched breasts as one of the most popular eight cosmetic surgical procedures amongst adolescents.2 However surgery is a very drastic option when used to treat a purely aesthetic problem which may not even be perceived as noticeable or serious by other people.

Alternative Solutions For Asymmetrical Breasts

What other viable methods, short of surgery, are open to someone seeking to make the appearance of their breasts more pleasing and symmetrical? The phrase 'fake it till you make it' immediately springs to mind. In recent years the phrase 'chicken fillets' has become famous for a second meaning and product: the fake silicone gel breast enhancer product which can be used to augment small breasts when popped inside a bra cup. Many women with small breasts use two of these items, one on each side. However there's nothing to stop you from using one to 'even up' an otherwise lop-sided decolletage.

A professional bra fitting is also worth considering, and is something worth doing whether you have asymmetrical breasts or not. There are too many women out there just making a wild guess at their bra size and wondering why they never feel quite comfortable. While a decent well-fitted bra is not likely to fix a very lop-sided pair of breasts, it can only enhance your appearance overall and may assist with a minor problem.

Are You Sure You Have Lop-sided Breasts?

On the other hand, have many people told you that they can't see anything unusual about your breasts? When you complain about their lop-sidedness to your friends, do they sigh and make coo-coo finger movements with their hands to their heads? We live in a world where women are constantly encouraged to diagnose one aesthetic flaw after another in their bodies. Sometimes the flaws exist only in our heads.

Are you really sure that you have a significant problem with asymmetrical breasts? Or are you wasting valuable time by worrying about an aspect of your physique that no-one else is going to notice, even if you strip to the waist and parade down the aisles of your local supermarket? If your problem is not severe and obvious, maybe one way to deal with your physical asymmetry is to stop casting it as a problem. Everyone has aspects of their body that aren't perfectly symmetrical. And you know what? If you tried the supermarket trick I mentioned above, it wouldn't be the relative sizes of your breasts that people would be focusing on!


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