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Surgical Mole Removal - Treatment Details

Updated on October 13, 2010

Surgical mole removal is quite common and sometimes it seems to be of top priority for a lot of people who really want to get rid of their moles in their beautiful face or on other body parts. Although there are a lot of pros and cons are put forward by the experts of this field, knowing about this type of mole removal treatment and its effect isn't a bad thing at all. Sometimes, surgical method is preferred and advised by doctors or dermatologists depending on the circumstances but you shouldn't jump and decide it by yourself. That's why you need to know about surgical mole removal treatment.

To describe it in a simple way, surgical mole removal process involves the practice of cutting the moles from the skin and then, stitching the wound, (happens very rarely in most of the cases). And good care is taken to treat the affected area to avoid any infection or things like that. So it is evident from this procedure that it's going to leave a scar on your face or the region where the mole removal treatment has undergone. But the good news is that its going to vanish soon and it depends upon the intense mole removal treatment that you have just undergone as well as how deep or raised the moles are.

So far we have discussed about how to remove moles flat, thin and normal and that's the case with most of the people and most of the time. But what if your mole's nature is quite different from the above mentioned one? I mean, what happens if you are suffering from annoying moles that are raised, thick, or deepened in the skin? Fortunately, there is treatment available for such moles too. If your moles are of this type, then one of the best options in front of you in surgical mole removal is shave excision or better known as excision surgery or what people refer to as plastic surgery for mole removal.

So when this excision surgery mole removal procedure is concerned, a scalpel is used to shave away the raised mole till the level equalizes with the skin surface or sometimes, a bit deeper than that. So this results in pigmented area but that is removed as a part of surgical method. Of course, it leads to bleeding and that's also handled easily. Great effort is taken to make scarring the least as possible. But it is seen from the records that still scarring is a problem with this kind of mole removal technique and alternative methods like natural mole removal treatment is very recommended in most of the cases which is less costly and can be done in your home itself with minimal or no risk when compared to all other mole removal treatments.

Laser Surgery For Mole Removal

Even though laser mole removal is considered as a special category, it still belongs to surgical mole removal treatment logically. And it is found and evident that if the moles are flat, normal type or dark, then you can go for laser mole removal. But the thing you have to be careful is about how much the doctor or dermatologist examines the type of mole to judge the treatment mode, or in other words, he/she must be an expert in this category since this type of mole removal with laser is considered as not the good option in many cases.


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