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Susan Boyle Makeover

Updated on May 31, 2011

Susan Boyle's Extreme Makeover

A few years from now the world will not remember who Susan Boyle is. She will be replaced with a new favorite and her memorable Britain’s Got Talent performance that caused a stir on YouTube will be safely tucked away in the internet archives only referenced to occasionally when some random entertainment show does a segment on former stars and how they rose to fame before disappearing into obscurity.

But today, Susan Boyle is hot and everyone is talking about her sensational makeover. Today, Susan Boyle is the proverbial ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan. Today, everyone is buzzing about Susan Boyle’s amazing transformation from a plain Jane into a truly gorgeous lady thanks to Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

When Susan Boyle burst onto the scene, she wowed the world with her angelic voice but we could not help that notice that this 48-year old definitely needed a makeover. Say and think what you will but we live in a shallow society full of vain people. We wept as she sang I Dreamed a Dream but deep inside we were all thinking “gosh wouldn’t it be nice if she could just wax her eyebrows just a little bit and maybe apply a little blush and a dab of lipstick”.

Well, the fashion team at Harper’s Bazaar took it upon themselves to not only give Susan Boyle a makeover but have her model the latest hot fashion items and she looks absolutely stunning. We knew she could sing, now we have solid proof that she cleans up real good too! We always knew there was a Scottish beauty silently lurking under there, waiting to be discovered and now she has emerged.

Susan Boyle Music

Susan Boyle's BEFORE the makeover picture

Susan Boyle before the Harper's Bazaar Magazine makeover
Susan Boyle before the Harper's Bazaar Magazine makeover

Susan Boyle's AFTER the makeover picture

Susan Boyle looking fabulous after her makeover.
Susan Boyle looking fabulous after her makeover.

Susan Boyle's Makeover for Harper's Bazaar Magazine

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    • freebiescity profile image

      freebiescity 8 years ago

      I also can't get over the before and after pictures.The Harper's Bazaar crew did a fantastic job and yes you're right a little professional help goes a long way!

    • tim-tim profile image

      Priscilla Chan 8 years ago from Normal, Illinois

      love the before and after picture! Isn't it true that you can be the ugliest person in the whole wide world and with professional's help, You can look like a princess? Thanks for the hub!