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Simple Shoes Review - Buy Eco-Friendly Shoes Online

Updated on July 11, 2011

It's Eco-Friendly Footwear!

Back in the proverbial "day", when it came to shopping for shoes or sneakers, I really never strayed from the classics. You know, brands like adidas, Nike or Reebok? "If their shoes are good enough for Michael Jordan, LeBron James and David Beckham, they are good enough for me?" I thought, because I was and always will be a slave to marketing. Obviously.

Then one day about two years ago while chitting and chatting it up on Facebook, I noticed an ad on my profile page for a company called Simple Shoes advertising organic and eco-friendly footwear.

Now, before I got married, the Simple Shoes ad never would have caught my attention, but because my wife is all about organic food (therefore I am all about organic food) I gave it a gander, thinking, "Organic footwear? How intriguing!"

The Gumshoe from Simple Shoes


It's True!

Sure enough! After scanning their website for a minute or two, I learned how Simple Shoes uses only organic or recycled and sustainable materials, like plastic, rubber tires, organic cotton, hemp, recycled wool and others to make their shoes. It's really pretty nifty.

(The company story is totally cool and can be perused by clicking this handy-dandy link I provided.)

So, because I was in a consumer-esque mood, I decided to give Simple Shoes a shot and ordered a pair called Gumshoe from their men's casual shoe selection.

Shoe Review:
Color me impressed. From the minute I put on the shoes to this day, they have been a favorite. One of the best purchases of my life. No doubt. The upper of the shoe is made entirely of corduroy hemp while the outsole is made of recycled car tires. But that's not the best part of the shoe. Guess what is?

The interior consists of organic cotton and carpet pad remnants. Carpet pad remnants! Crazy, and comfortable! Essentially, the shoes feel like you are walking on a recycled carpet cloud, and it is fabulous!

I remember wearing the shoes for three straight days at the hospital during my daughter's birth without even knowing they were on, which was perfect for my constant pacing and wife servitude.

The Gumshoe slips right on and stays secure no matter what I do. While I am not a runner or athlete, per say, I have worn them to active activities without a hitch and feel comfortable wearing the shoes at work since they are quasi business casual.

Pros of the Simple Shoes Gumshoe:

  • Made entirely of recycled and sustainable materials
  • Free of all animal products.
  • Lightweight
  • Slips on comfortably
  • Fits true to size
  • Cushioned step
  • Breathes well
  • Pairs well with jeans or khakis


  • Flat sole offers little arch support
  • Hemp material soaks in rainwater

The Sno Tire from Simple Shoes


Buy Simple Shoes Sno Tire Sneakers Here:

Simple Shoes Sells Sneakers Too!

Since that purchase I have bought a pair of Simple Shoes Sno Tire sneakers from their ecoSneaks line. Also organic. Also impressive.

The Sno Tire shoes are almost entirely organic cotton, with a little hemp thrown in and a recycled tire outsole. They offer almost as much comfort as the Gumshoe but at least double the durability, in my opinion.

With a somewhat minimalist style, the Sno Tire is perfect for a laid-back look and maybe a more grown-up sneaker connoisseur.

Depending on your style, you can wear the Sno Tires with jeans for the classic sneakers look, or with khaki or corduroy pants for a "Cool Guy" at work type vibe. Versatility is key.

Pros of the Simple Shoes Sno Tire Sneaker:

  • Made entirely of organic, recycled and sustainable materials
  • Free of animal products and byproducts
  • Durable upper
  • Secure lace-up styling
  • Snug fit
  • Multiple color options
  • Minimalist styling
  • Pairs well with jeans or khakis


  • Flat sole offers little arch support


Vegan Shoes

If you are of the vegan variety, both pairs, along with plenty of other shoes from Simple Shoes, are entirely free of animal products. Plus, no animals were harmed in the writing of this Hub. Bonus!

Go Green with Simple Shoes!

So, if you are in need of a new pair of shoes and are all about Living Green, sustainable shopping, style and veganism, I really can't recommend Simple Shoes enough. So far both pairs I own have been perfect and I plan to be a consistent consumer.

To go green from the ground up, check out the Simple Shoes website ...

Or Online Simple Shoes Retailers:

Zappos - REI - Cloggs - Shoes

The Simple Shoes Story:


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