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The History of Swarovski Jewelry

Updated on April 11, 2013

Swarovski origines

In the medieval times, only really rich people could afford to buy real jewelry, made of gems and precious metals, so peasants and poor people started to use glass imitations. Because of that, on borders of present day Czech Republic, Poland and Germany center for making glass jewelry was formed.

Most popular centers for making these glass imitations were cities of Turnov, Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec etc. Raw materials were found in the nearby mountains, or were produced from silk sand, lead oxides of various metals. In many workshops, crystal glass was produced, cut and polished to a shape into jewelry, statues and other decorative items.

The story about Swarovski crystals goes way back to 1895, when the first machine for processing of precious stones was built. That same year, in Austria, Daniel Swarovski started with his business. He did not want to patent his product, but to keeps it like a big secret for himself in order to continue his family business. Since the visionary Daniel founded the Swarovski Company in Wattens, Austia, it has developed into a leading manufacturer of polished crystals and natural and artificial gemstones.

Fascinated by the natural sensation of light at the North Pole and with the help of a famous French fashion designer Christian Dior, Swarowski created a glamorous and famous crystal - Aurora Borealis. Since than the name Swarovski has become the synonym for the purest crystal glass.


In today's world Swarovski means expensive and glamorous jewelry, processed to perfection. Although Swarovski crystals have many variations, all their jewelry have something in common - a distinctive touch that gives the identity.

In year 1977, Swarovski company comes into play in the world of jewelry crystals and fashion. They made their debut at the USA. Ten years later Swarovski company opened the stores in UK, and a bit later, everywhere around Europe. Today they have countless items such as famous jewelry, watches, decorative figurines, chandeliers, lamps, furniture, clothing, bags, and their crystal can be seen on phones, cars, or even as a decoration for whole rooms, because it usualy symbolize and presents luxury and style.

Even great Coco Chanel used Swarovski as an inspiration, Marilyn Monroe wore a dress encrusted with Swarovski crystals while performing at John F. Kennedy's birthday party in 1962. Swarovski crystal adorns the stage during an annual Oscar award. Swarovski also appeared in Hollywood movies such as Black Swan, Moulin Rouge, Young Victoria and lots of others.

Due the constant innovation and a number of trends in jewelry, fashion, fashion accessories, lightning, interior design, architecture and culture, the brand Swarovski become a synonym for innovate and promising technology of the spirit of the crystal.

Do you like Swarovski crystals? Do you own some?

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