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The Swarovski crystals

Updated on June 9, 2013

Swarovski Luxury Products

The brand name of crystal precisely cut, Swarovski is related to luxury products produced by the Wattens, Austria Swarovski AG Company.

There are two major areas of industry for the company. These are the Tyrolit Schleifmittel unit of business which manufactures related machinery and tooling and the Swarovski Kristall unit of business which works mainly with design crystals and items of luxury.

Formerly Daniel Swartz, Daniel Swarovski was born in the north part of the Czech Republic, which was formerly known as Bohemia.

His father owned a small factory for glass and was a glass cutter. There he was an apprentice, honing his glass cutting skills alongside his father.

When he was thirty years of age, he got a patent on an electronic machine for cutting which aided in the production of crystal glass.

Three years later financier of Swarovski Franz Weis and Armand Kosman became the founders of the Swarovski Company known originally as the KS&Co or the A.Kosmann,DanielSwartz&Co.

In Wattens, Austria, a factory for crystal cutting was established by the company, taking advantage of the local hydro electricity for the grinding process that was energy intensive that was patented by Daniel Swarovski.

The range of Swarovski Crystal includes chandeliers, home decor, couture, jewelry, miniatures and crystal glass sculptures.

A logo marks all the sculptures. Originally, the original logo for Swarovski was the flower edelweiss.

Later the logo S.A.L. replaced this and in the year nineteen eighty-eight, a logo of the swan became the Swarovski logo.

In order to create glass crystal which allows the refraction of light to become a spectrum of a rainbow, some of the products are coated by Swarovski with special chemical, metallic coatings.

AB or Aurora Borealis is one of the coatings most popular, since this is the type that gives the crystal surfaces the appearance of a rainbow.

The company also names other coatings including Dorado, Aurum, Volcano and Crystal Transmission.

Some coats are applied to just parts of the objects while others are coated twice and get the designation Dorado 2X or AB 2X.

In the year two thousand and four, a copyrighted design called Xilion was released by Swarovski, designed for optimizing the brilliance of Chatons and Roses. Chatons were diamond cuts and Roses were a component with a flat back.

The group of Swarovski also includes Swarovski Optik which is a type of rifle scope, binoculars and other optical instrument. Signity, which are natural and synthetic gemstones are also a part of the company along with Swareflex, a luminous, reflective road marking.

Other members of the group are also Tyrolit, which are makers of cutting and abrasive tools.
There is an indoor theme park run by the company with a crystal theme.

The theme park's name is Crystal Worlds or Swarovski Kristallwelten and is located near Innsbruk, Tyrol Austria at its original site in Wattens. The center has a glass-covered head in front with a fountain for a mouth.

The theme part is inspired by crystals and exhibits them, but does not include how the designs are finished, produced or even made.


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    • elle64 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Scandinavia

      I hope to see it one day myself- thanks for stopping

    • rjsadowski profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting article. I have visited the Swarovski showroom in Insbruck Austria twice in the 1990s. It seems that every tour passing through Austria stops at Innsbruck on Sunday because it is one of the few places open for shopping.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      CZ is now days a great alternative to diamonds. Sterling silver is an affordable alternative to gold. has sterling silver religious jewelry and Celtic jewelry.


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