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Sweet Nylon Hi Cut Panties For Men

Updated on October 21, 2009

My men's panty poll is far from complete, but favorites have already begun to emerge. One of the front runners in the race to win panty wearing men's hearts are Nylon Hi Cut panties. Combining a fair fullness of panty with a feminine hi cut style, nylon hi cuts deliver on both looks and sensation.

Pleasing Panties

From comes this rather sheer pair of red nylon hi cut panties. Red can be a difficult color to come by, depending on where you live in the world. I know where I live finding red lingerie outside Valentine's season is nigh impossible, so thank the lingerie gods for online shopping.

I chose these panties for their simplicity, their sheer naughtiness and their perfect cut.

Wacoal For The Win

Wacoal is one of those high class brands that actually delivers on quality. These hi cut nylon panties are perfect for the man in lingerie who wants to wear panties to work under his suit and have them remain anonymous. The seamless matte finish means no pantylines (unless you purchase a pair several sizes too small, in which case, its on you, bud.)

These panties come in the virginal white pictured, black, ivory, 'lotus' aka, baby blue and 'naturally nude' aka pukey brown.

You won't win any awards for flair with a pair of these panties on, but the feel and fit are sure to be amazing.

Underpanties For Men

Coming from online retailer, these custom made panties have the potential to fulfil both sides of the ligerie equation. The hi cut style provides for plenty of sweet nylon coverage, whilst black lace frills on either side add a feminine touch which is ironically missing from much lingerie actually designed for women. Looking at this pair of panties I have a feeling that they would also suit a larger man who wears lingerie, the frills seem out of place on the small mannquin, but would probably flare out quite nicely on a real man.

Whether you're shopping at your local store, or going into the wild world of the interwebs to purchase your panties there are certainly a wide range of options out there. Whilst lingerie made for women has a certain charm, men who wear panties may want to consider the idea of purchasing from one of the many online retailers who custom make panties for men. They do tend to be a little on the expensive side, however you might find styles and looks that are becoming harder to find in utilitarian women's lingerie ranges.


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    • profile image

      Bob 2 months ago

      I really like the red ones. Also, buying panties and other lingerie from retailers that make them especially for guys is not my thing. What's the point? Female undergarments require you to estimate sizes, sneak and buy, sneak and try, which I feel is very stimulating.

    • profile image

      PantyLover 8 years ago

      My favorite panties were the VS satin high cut briefs and bikinis that they no longer make. The new VS undies thong is extreemly comfortable and has become one of my favorites. (The rest of the new VS undies line has the "Creeps" and i tossed all of them)

    • profile image

      bwhcpty 8 years ago

      I actually like the Barely There Solid Microfiber HC #2303 panties. My wife wears the Hanes HC cottons, and that is what started me to wear panties because of the HC and feel.

    • profile image

      likewhatiam 8 years ago

      Hi there Hope. My preference is definitely Triumph or fayreform panties I'm sure they are designed with the man in mind as they fit so well. I love my briefs and hi cut panties but all in nylon none of this cotton stuff for me. Keep up the good work.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      By jove, so they did. I guess there is something to be said for the quality of sweatshop labor after all ;)

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      While I like the high leg on the Walcoal panties you choose, I must admit I prefer a Bali Hikini. The leg is just as high and they have a nice wide lace waistband.

      On the other hand, the underpanties for men just look baggy. And they sewed the bow on crooked too. :)