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Swimming Diapers and Water Shoes Designed for the Toddlers Comfort

Updated on April 20, 2014

I Play Boys Infant Ultimate Swim Diaper

Toddlers Swimming Diapers

With summer just around the corner we can look forward to many hours spent enjoying picnics on the shore running in and out of the water in the beautiful sunshine with our toddlers.

Like us, our toddlers need to feel comfortable when swimming or playing along the foreshore or around the home paddling pool. There is nothing worse for the toddler than a nappy weighted down with water as they try to play in the water.

Not only must it be uncomfortable for the toddler it looks awful for the observer. And you never know just when your child is going to need a toilet. Therefore these will keep your child from those little accidents causing less embarrassment.

There are now many varieties of swimwear diapers designed with the comfort and ease of use for both the toddler and the parent.

The I Play Swim Diaper

An all-in-one swimsuit that prevents accidents IN AND OUT of the pool, with an decorative design yet allows the swim diaper to be worn on its own

These are great for a child’s first swim giving them more freedom, protection and comfort without the heavy weighted down effect from excess water. You and your baby will both look and feel more relaxed with these natural pull up diapers.

They come in many colors and designs, always check the sizes and read what other buyers say about the sizing. Remember all 6 month old babies are not the same size.

i Play Skirty Tank Suit

Little girls love to dress up just like their mothers. This little outfit would make any little girl look adorable. The top will not fall off like straps so the child will always feel comfortable without the top slipping of the toddlers shoulders. The skirt adds to to attraction of the outfit.

The addition of a top will also give them more protection from the sun. Although you still need to slip, slop and slap the sun protection.

Check the description and sizes and read the reviews on sizing as all children are built different.

They come in a variety of different colors and styles.

Swimming and Water Shoes Designed to Protect Toddlers feet

We automatically cover our feet with sandals or thongs in readiness for the burning hot sand, yet in our excitement, we often forget to protect our children’s feet because they love to go shoeless.

We need worry no longer, as children will love to wear these cute water shoes to run along the sand without burning their feet or even swim in them without having to take them off. I know they could wear their joggers but they were heavy when they were wet and took ages to dry.

These swim shoes will also protect their tender little feet from the burning sun’s rays. We tend to protect the kids’ bodies and forget about their feet. They are made from soft Neoprene so their non-slip sole will protect them from sharp stones while walking over the rocks.

On the other hand, they can also protect them at home while running around the swimming pool from the burning hot concrete. I have had personal experience with my dog having the pads on his feet badly burnt from running around on the wet concrete so keep this in mind with your children.

With these little beauties there is no more having to worry about kids losing their shoes as they stay on and if by chance one does come off they will float so you can catch it before it floats out to sea.

You can choose from a variety of designs, colors and sizes. They even have them for adults so the kids can wear the same colors as mum and dad

Swimwear for Toddlers

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    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 6 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      thanks psychicdog, kids are always hard to please these days.

      Whimisical chair, thanks for commenting

    • Whimsical Chair profile image

      Whimsical Chair 6 years ago

      Your article looks good.

    • profile image 6 years ago

      Rated up. Shoes staying on is always a concern with toddlers - we find our kids though can like the look of a shoe than decide not to wear it after putting them on!