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Swimsuits for Curvy Girls

Updated on November 2, 2015

In my opinion curvy girls look much better in a swimsuit than skinny girls. However curvy girls need to be a little more careful when they buy their swimsuits. They need to look for suits that strategically shows or hides certain parts. The problem with swimwear is that it tends to get translucent when it gets wet. Then everyone can see what you are trying to cover up. This means that the material that the swimsuit is made from is very important.

Two principals to keep in mind, when buying a swimsuit, are that darker colors are more slimming and a single piece suit gives you more confidence whether your walking on the beach or taking a swim.

In this article we will review some of the best swimsuits for curvy girls.

Plus Size Wrap Front 1 PC Swimsuit Black/Floral Print

This front wrap swimsuit isn't for short girls. The top doesn't work well with them.

The black blue floral print swimwear does a good job of covering the area around your stomach and moving your attention away from it.

This thicker nylon material won't go see through as soon as it gets wet.

In my opinion this swimsuit shows off your curves quite nicely. It has wrap front for swimming and tummy control elements which prevent you from accidentally showing your tummy while in the water.

This comfortable swimwear has a built in soft cup bra construction for maximum support. It can be easily washed and dried.

Sexy beach dress, for maximum cover
Sexy beach dress, for maximum cover

Alki'i Misses Halter Top Beach Dress

This beach dress is comfortable and covers quite a bit of you while still being acceptable beach wear. The material is see through, but it still manages to cover scars and other problem areas well. You can put it on over a wet swimsuit and be covered up right out of the water.

This beach dress is available in black and white. I like the idea that the white one makes you look a bit like an angel.

Sexy sarong front swimsuit
Sexy sarong front swimsuit

Plus Size Sarong Front Swimsuit

This swimsuit is normal around the top with good support for you cleavage.

Around the bottom it gives you a little cover around the back and some very good cover around the front.

The design of this swimsuit clearly covers some problem areas while still allowing you to look and feel sexy.

Speedo Aquatic Xtra Life Lycra Plus Size Conservative Ultraback Swimsuit

The Speedo one piece black swimsuit has been a trusted friend of curvy girls for many years.

This one piece swimwear is great for women who do not want to reveal too much skin, as it has a conservative cut for maximum coverage.

This swimsuit provides better performance for those who are in various water activities such as aquatic aerobics, swimming and also tanning.

In addition, this swimsuit is design to provide maximum protection from the harmful effect of sunlight and also chlorine.

The black liner of this swimsuit can also prevent any show through. This comfortable swimwear has a soft cup construction for maximum support.

Finally, it can be washed and dried without much hassle.

Black Sequin Embroidery Plus Size Cover Up

This blue Sequin Embroidery covers quite a bit. Unlike any of the other products here, it covers your arms. So if your upper arms is a problem area you should seriously consider this as a beach wear option. It also covers the neck and bottom area.

This cover Plus Size Cover Up gives a lot of protection from the sun, which is great for ladies who are prone to getting sunburn.

The Tankini

Have you thought about trying out a Tankini? These swimsuits are usually made of a spandex-and-cotton mix, but some swimsuit designers use nylon and lycra. The Tankini is a combination of a tank top and a bikini bottom. The top part usually extends down to somewhere between the top of your hip and the top of your navel.

This retro Tankini has a lovely blue pattern and gives you good cover over your belly and your back.

Taking care of your swimsuit

Once you do have a swimsuit that shows the best of your body, while covering up the worst, you need to make it last. The sea and sun puts unique stresses on your swimwear and you need should compensate for that if you want your beachwear to last.

After each use you should rinse your swimsuit in cool water. This will remove the chlorine or sea salt from your clothes. Even if your swimsuit is washing machine safe, I would recommend that you hand wash your beach wear to get the longest life out of them. To dry, hand wring then hang it outside, in the shade. Do not put your swimsuit in the dryer. The dyer will ruin the elastic in the fabric. Drying your swimwear in direct sunlight will have the same effect over a longer period.

Finding well fitting and high quality swimwear can be frustrating. Hopefully swimsuits for curvy girls has given you additional insight into the options out there.


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