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Swimwear For Women: For Every Age, Shape, Size & Modesty!

Updated on March 20, 2011

Swimwear For Women Has A Fascinating History

The history of swimwear for women is quite interesting. Swimwear for women has always been a point of heated debate in the fashion industry, as some believe the changes in swimwear are too revealing. Initially, swimwear for women was introduced as a means to cover up certain body parts. Ever since, there has been numerous changes in function and style of women's bathing suits. It is quite remarkable that so many changes have been achieved when a swim suit is made of such little material.

Swimwear For Women Started In Ancient Greece

One of the first recorded uses of swimwear took place in 350 BC in Greece. A mosaic wall of the fourth century was discovered showing women wearing apparel that resembles today's modern bikinis. But after the Roman Empire's fall, swimwear for women was no longer accepted in fashion. The stuffy Europeans considered bathing in the sea a therapeutic experience and discouraged swimming as a recreational activity.

Swimwear for women can invoke the aura of the tropics!
Swimwear for women can invoke the aura of the tropics!

During the 18th century in England and France, public spas for women and men were introduced. Public bathing was typically no more than a quick dip in the water, with the women on one side and the men on the other. Swimwear for women at this time was nothing more than a smock, or more accurately a bathing gown. In order to prevent the gown from floating to the surface, women would sew lead weights into the hems, making the gown uncomfortable to wear.

The beginning of the swimwear revolution was most likely started in the 1800's when Americans began openly frequenting beaches for recreation and water sports. It was at this time when swimwear for women began to change. It became necessary to design swimwear that maintained modesty, yet allowed a freedom of movement to take part in water activities and swimming.

By the late 1800's, swimming was considered to be an accepted social activity as well as an Olympic sport. Shortly thereafter, swimwear for women was introduced. A swim suit consisted of trousers and a blouse as one piece, as well as a skirt that reached below the knees and buttoned at the waist in order to hide even the hint of a figure.

Gradually swimwear for women became more and more revealing. The early 1900s introduced a bold trend of swimwear that was becoming smaller and more transparent. Soon after came the bikini or two piece suit, leading to an increase in exposing skin.

A magnificent one piece can do wonders for a woman's figure.
A magnificent one piece can do wonders for a woman's figure.

Swimwear For Women Can Be Modest Or Ultra Revealing & Outright Daring!

Whether you're the type of woman who prefers special swimwear to control those extra curves such as the various types of one piece swimwear, or even Miraclesuit swimwear; or if you're a stunning beautiful young woman who likes to show off all of her best assets in stunning designer ladies swimwear such as ViX swimwear that will make all the guys on the beach or pool side whistle "Yeah baby!" Swimwear can be purchased that perfectly suits every age, type, and shape of woman!

Tankini swimwear for women has become quite popular type of swimwear as it combines the sexy style of bikini swimwear for women with the coverage of a one piece. Of course, you can go as daring as you want with designer swimwear for women such as Gottex swimwear for women, some of which is extraordinarily sheer swimwear for women... or go the extra daring mile with thong swimwear for women!

However, not all women can handle that level of revealing their bodies at the beach or pool side, so shorts swimwear for women and underwire swimwear for women which provides extra support, have become very popular.

Swimwear for women doesn't have to cost the Earth, as discount swimwear for women is readily available. Almost every town has at least one store at any given time that is holding a swimwear for women sale!

Some swimwear looks like it should be more at home on the catwalk than on the beach!
Some swimwear looks like it should be more at home on the catwalk than on the beach!

Swimwear For Women Can Expose Or Hide!

 Today, women continue to push the envelope when it comes to public exposure, creating shock and delight around the world. Some women are more cautious in exposing too much skin, so it is a good thing that there is swimwear available to suit every woman's style and modesty!

Model Lauren Benoit Models A Brazilian!

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