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Women's swimwear: Swimwear for the larger lady

Updated on February 8, 2015

With the long hot summer days and vacations most of us females are buying at least some new summer clothes. That's women for you. It does not matter how much your significant other tells you that you have a wardrobe, or two, full of suitable attire we girls like NEW.

Swimwear may be something which you wear on and off throughout the year, if you are lucky enough to live in a hot, sunny climate or swim regularly, but for most of us it is only dragged out of the wardrobe in Summer and especially for a vacation.

This can mean that we are wearing very old designs of swimwear which is such a shame. Over the years we age and our body shape changes. There is nothing worse than seeing a size 18 body squashed into a size 12 swimsuit. It is unflattering, uncomfortable I guess and not necessary. Similarly if you are a larger lady there will some styles of swimwear that are just not right for you. Tiny bikinis spring to mind, especially those with a thong or G String for the bottom half.

Larger ladies can still look good in their swimwear if they remember to follow a few simple rules:-

  • Measure yourself and buy the correct size.
  • Buy swimwear that offers some bust support.
  • Buy swimwear that has a control panel which will help smooth your shape and offer support just were you need it.
  • Try before you buy if possible.
  • Make sure that you look at yourself in this swimwear, and assess what you see honestly.

Larger size female swimwear has come a long way since all that was on offer was a frumpy black swim suit which offered maximum coverage and no style.


Just because you are larger does not mean that a bikini is definitely out of the question. Choose one that is aimed at your size range in order to purchase something that fits and looks good. The Bikini shown has a bra style top and support briefs which offer support just where it is needed most.


An essential piece of beachwear for many girls these days is a sarong or a wrap. These are great for covering problem areas or those that you are shy about fully exposing. They are also stylish and help protect you from the sun.


Shorts are great for the beach and travelling around in Summer. These days you can buy shorts that are designed with swimming in mind.


Most of the full swimsuits available offer the option of a lower cut length leg, under-wired bust support, control panels and more but without having a restrictive feel. The materials these days are so much better and with Lycra added comfort is guaranteed. Follow the manufacturer's after care instructions to ensure that your garment retains its features and great shape.


A Tankini offers a great option for those of us who are a little larger. A two piece with a more generous top and bottom they often appear to be a one piece depending how they are worn.


Many of the ranges which I found on-line are by designer names. They are good quality, use material that is very good and yet do not cost a fortune. Most are available in UK sizing up to size 32.


As the end of summer approaches there will be good price reductions on the High Street in particular for swimwear. This could mean that you can snap up a bargain for next year. The bonus here is that you can easily try before you buy and see the goods. However it is all too easy to buy something because it is cheap and inevitably it will not be a bargain if it is a poor fit or unsuitable.

Take your time, shop around, ask a good friend or a partner for an honest second opinion and no matter what your size you should be able to find lovely swimwear that is perfect for YOU.


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