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Swiss Army Victorinox Officer's, Infantry Quartz&Automatic Watch Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Victorinox Classic Military

Officer's and Infantry Classic watches stand out as Swiss Army/Victorinox chief collections aimed to fulfill the company's obligations towards its primary client, the Swiss government. Respective categories (officer and soldier) exist in the knives department.

As might be expected, officer's watches demonstrate more refinement – some evident references to Tag Heuer Link, and even general similarities with Patek Philippe Calatrava officer's and A. Langhe&Sohne's Lange 31 timepieces. On the one hand, the cases feature a crown protection – an addition that always messes up with the visual balance of the piece – on the other, two-tone color schemes emerge as primary rather than marginal. In other words, Victorinox seek to satisfy the need for robust architecture while retaining some aesthetic qualities.

Infantry is much more straightforward: no embellishments, function and sturdiness without excuses. Think, luminous hands overlap with oversized Arabic numerals to augment the legibility factor; appropriate green and black faces complete the design.

Victorinox Swiss Army Officer's Watch
Victorinox Swiss Army Officer's Watch


More than anything, this watch succeeds in projecting authority – though it's difficult to pinpoint where exactly it originates from. The cases, the bracelets (or the rubber straps), and the lucid dial configurations interlock to create a tight, almost “watertight” (the timers are water resistant up to 100 meters) timepiece; no functions besides a basic date complication.

The collection is notable for its relatively liberal approach to color and materials: besides the anticipated black, the watches also come in blue and white. Ladies models include mother-of pearl.


The direct competitor of Seiko 5 Military, this is a forceful, gladiator-like designed timer that overwhelms with its musculature. Chronograph variations are surprisingly visually demanding, featuring a series of subdials and rings of auxiliary indexes. It's tough being a soldier (we speak from experience).

For durability purposes, Swiss Army outfitted most of its Infantry watches with a genuine leather strap – a material that will reduce friction and respond to changes in natural environment.


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