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Swiss Army Victorinox Chronograph, Titanium Chrono Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Victorinox Chrono

Chronograph is the most common complication in Victorinox Swiss Army watches. It appears in most major collections the company offers: starting from Active Convoy and Summit timers, moving to classic Ambassador and Infantry, and ending with automatic mechanical lines.

The reason for this ubiquity lies, of course, in a principal customer requirement that Swiss Army aim to address – providing a broad selection of outdoors, sports, and military (sometimes with all of these elements combined) watches that allow the micro management of time. It should come as no surprise that such purely fashion-elegant collections as Vivante and Diamond dispense with this complication.

Chronographs are among Victorinox's most experimental watches when it comes to visual design, particularly dial organization. The addition of at least two more subdials to the face makes readability a more demanding than usual task, and the company comes up with various solutions to make it easier to perform.

Victorinox Chronograph Watch
Victorinox Chronograph Watch

Chrono Classic

Chrono Classic is a surprisingly middle of the road timepiece. It carries a few formal-elegant features, for instance a relatively thin and polished bezel – which, on the other hand, also acts as a tachymeter scale. The use of colors results in a fashion conscious two-tone watch in one model, but in another as diver's or racing oriented timer.

Other features include the additional of extra large (45mm) case, and the incorporation of alarm complication in Swiss quartz variations.


Titanium chronographs truly reveal how much Swiss Army value the chrono function: this extra hard, durable metal protects the movement (the first Victorinox caliber to receive such treatment), and renders the whole piece a highly reliable time measuring instrument.

Dark gray and black (PVD coated) cases and bracelets guard the pitch black dial, projecting an unmistakable air of serious intent. Appropriately, the XLS chrono model contains a piercing red hand, reminiscent of the aggressively muscular Blancpain Speed and Air Command watches.


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