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Swiss Army Watches Reviewed

Updated on December 12, 2010
The night vision Swiss Army Watch
The night vision Swiss Army Watch

The Swiss Army brand has been around for a long time and has become very well respected and known for providing quality products. The swiss army watch is not as widely known about as the knife. In Switzerland beauty, precision and elegance are elements of the products produced. The Swiss government is involved in the Swiss Army brand ensuring that the products meet these standards.

There are many different Swiss Army watches for the consumer to choose from. This is not the case in some other watch companies. The watches available offer different features for the user. Some of them are waterproof and allow the user to dive one hundred meters underwater while wearing it. There are other watches that have the ability to change time according to the daylights savings schedule. The styles of the watches available vary greatly. Some are elegant and meant to be worn on formal occasions while others are much more casual and able to be worn on any occasion. No matter what your preference or needs may be it is easy to find the right watch for anyone.

These watches have a distinguishing mark on them. It is a white cross on top of a red background. This logo is also used on the company's knife selections. It is widely recognized and is seen as a mark of an excellent product. The Swiss Army company has been around for a long time. Recently it celebrated 125 years of doing business. This celebration was to acknowledge the progress and success of the company as well as the bight future waiting for it.

Every few years the Swiss Army company releases a special edition watch. These come in both womens and mens varieties. The amount of these watches created is very small at only about 200 per model. This creates a spike in demand for them and causes the prices to sky rocket.

If you are looking to purchase a Swiss Army watch you can expect to pay between $200 to $240. If you are looking for a model that has more features or elegance you may end up spending as much as a thousand dollars. The price of these watches may seem high but the quality is what you are paying for. By purchasing one of these watches you are ensuring there will not be a need to purchase another years down the road. With other brands of watches the life expectancy is only a few years. This makes the amount you spend on watches over your lifetime very high.

Swiss Army watches can only be purchased in models that are analog. The company has never created a digital watch. The watches available have many more features than a digital watch usually does. Some of these features include month and date reminders as well as a stop watch. This ensures that you are not missing anything by not being able to purchase a digital watch.

The Swiss Army brand is often thought of as a men's brand but there are many products that are made for women as well. A woman's watch tends to be more of an accessory than a useful, practical piece. The Swiss Army company accommodates for this. The watches made for women are trendy and fashionable. These watches, like the men's, have the white cross logo printed on it.

A watch from this company is created with adventure in mind. This is why there are so many features available to help in outdoor situations. They are waterproof which allows them to be used most anywhere. There are many watch models with a light that can be turned on to see the time or other information. This can be a very useful feature while hunting or fishing as these activities often occur when it is still dark outside.

The Men's Chrono Classic model is one of the most popular watches available. This watch will cost the customer approximately $330 and can be purchased at The watch has a stainless steel appearance and can go 330 feet underwater. The hands of the watch have the ability to light up when needed.

Another popular option is the Chronograph Brown Dial model. This one can be purchased for approximately $275. It has a leather strap that is brown in color. There is an easily visible date display. The settings on this watch are very simple making it user friendly. This is a great watch for someone who is just beginning to wear a watch.

There are many popular women's Swiss Army watches but most popular is the Victorinox Cavalry model. This watch can be purchased at approximately $250. It has a feminine look and is much different in appearance from the men's varieties. This watch has many features. The face is scratch resistance making a durable option. It is simple to read as it has very large numbers. The Wenger Commando is another popular choice for women's watches. It is extremely durable which makes it perfect for an outdoorsy woman. Another option is the CX Swiss Military. This watch is very expensive but is the toughest model available.

Swiss Army creates the finest watches available for purchase. The accuracy and durability these watches provide make them a perfect watch for anyone.


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    • profile image

      Caleb Clark 7 years ago

      Hi there I represent Golden Tree Jewellers in Langley B.C Canada, I just have to say that we are so happy to be carrying Swiss army as one of our watch collections. Thanks for the article! Maybe you can check us out on Facebook, search "Golden Tree Jewellers" We would love to have our community learn a little more from you about the Swiss army collection!


    • Papajon profile image

      Papajon 7 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Hi. Thanks. I love the fact that there is such a strong tradition in Switzerland for watches and that some companies such as Blancpain won't even make a quartz watch because they believe in the old way of doing things.

    • nthdimension profile image

      Graeme Houston 7 years ago from Scotland

      Great hub. My dad loves watches, so I was thinking about getting him a Swiss Army Watch. Interesting to learn that they have never created a digital watch.