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Swiss Army Wenger Aquagraph Diver, Chrono Watch Review

Updated on June 30, 2013


Just as Wenger's Aerograph watches emulate Victorinox's Airboss by subscribing to the philosophy that “less is more,” Aquagraph sets itself off against the latter's Pro Diver. Aquagraph collection abandons the additional set of numerals inside the dial, leaving the face as clear as possible – which allows in turn to incorporate larger, more prominent hands. Both are Swiss Army diving watches, but one is French, and the other is German.

Though the word “professional” doesn't appear in title description, this is, without a doubt, a professional line of diver's timepieces. Aquagraphs are water resistant up to 1000 meters – double as deeper than the Pro Diver – and carry a unidirectional rotating bezel painted with bright green or red in separate models. The bezel will help keep track of the remaining oxygen, while the robust stainless steel case will protect the caliber (including the crown) from accidental knocks and hits.

Wenger Aquagraph Green Watch
Wenger Aquagraph Green Watch

Bracelets, Straps

Swiss Army offer two alternatives for this collection: rubber straps or stainless steel bracelets. The dilemma is beyond the merely aesthetic, as each variation has its advantages and disadvantages. Rubber is considerably lighter, and will wrap around the wrist with more tenacity; steel tends to slip and adds weight to the piece – though it's also more durable in the long run.

The metallic version, on top of that, can function as a sports formal watch – a feature that quintessentially expands its useful reach. To make things easier, Wenger offer a complimentary strap to the bracelet watch.


Diver's chrono, surprisingly, looks less urgent than its 1000M water resistant counterparts: though it can measure time in more ways, the dispersal of functions leads to a more relaxed design. This line features less color contrasts, and resist water only up to 200 meters.

The overall appearance might reveal Wenger's attempts to demonstrate some casual-elegant characteristics after all. German or French, it's all Swiss Army. All watches contain Swiss Quartz movements.


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