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Swiss Army/Wenger Field Watches Review: Classic, Chrono, Military

Updated on January 6, 2015

Wenger Field

There are several aspects where Wenger Field watches resemble their military Commando and Battalion counterparts, but neither of the last two can boast the characteristic rugged vintage look of the former. Field watches bring to life Swiss Army's history and general, casual appeal; not surprisingly they are among Wenger's most Victorinox like pieces.

Field watches usually feature a white or off white dial, often with more than one ring on numerals and indexes, creating a characteristic busy grid. Swiss Quartz and chronograph are the two main models in this line; one particular variations includes Braille markings besides the Arabic numerals.

Appropriately for military (in particular infantry), the bands come in olive green or brown color, or brushed stainless steel – polish treatment would render the pieces shiny and endanger the wearer by reflecting light.

Wenger Field Braille Watch
Wenger Field Braille Watch
  • Field Classic is a symmetrical, accurate watch with luminous hands and Arabic numerals, slightly oversized. The case protrudes somewhat like a pyramid, creating a protective wall around the mechanism, dial and its scratch resistant crystal cover. Swiss Quartz caliber with a basic (magnified) date complication.

  • Classic Chrono adds a chronograph function. The dials contains three subdials, the red miniature hands of which produce an unmistakable hospital, or red cross like color scheme, generating a subconscious sense of urgency and hurry.

  • Field Grenadier incorporates a bezel on top of the case – just as the chronograph, it strives to leave things as uncomplicated and yet as alarming as possible. It must be said that Wenger invented an uncanny way to project a mood of lurking danger; the use of the bright red logo on a light background must play a large role in this special effect.

  • Braille watch includes markings for blind reading near every hour, and presents an aerodynamic muscular case, notably smoother than other Field Wenger watches. It displays a casual sports look, enhanced somewhat by the pressed in case. Smaller than usual hours and minutes hands will leave the area immediately surrounding the markings clear.


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