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Swiss Army Wenger Terragraph Watch Review: Quartz, Dual Time, Alarm

Updated on January 15, 2015

Swiss Army Terragraph

Terragraph becomes yet another piece of puzzle in the jigsaw of elements Wenger referenced in their watches. Aerograph was made for air and pilots, Aquagraph for sea and divers – Terragraph for land, and... who?

As it appears, it's an outdoors, all purpose watch that exhibits traits akin to Victorinox Active timepieces such as Convoy on the one hand, but Classic Officer's and Alliance on the other. When outfitted with a white dial and a stainless steel bracelet, it displays a casual, even somewhat formal character, but in pitch black and supported by a matching leather strap, it projects the intensity and underlying strength characteristic of a soldier's timepiece.

It's easier to determine what kind of a Swiss Army watch it is by looking at the complicated model: the functions of dual-time and alarm render it a classic and effective traveler's timing instrument.

Wenger Terragraph Steel Watch
Wenger Terragraph Steel Watch


As if to prove the casual and all-round application of the Terragraph, designers expanded the collection to include several Ladies watches. These are similar to the original design, but generally demonstrate smaller proportions fitting for a smaller wrist.

Besides these obvious modulations, there are few to no changes. Both men's and ladies timers include the memorable medium dark blue dial variation, though the almost completely black piece comes only with a large 40mm case.

Dual Time and Alarm

This version of the Terragraph is among the most complicated watches Wenger (and Swiss Army) have to offer; not only the functions, but also the purely visual qualities reveal lavishness normally atypical of this severe brand. Travelling, however, requires (and leads to) expenses – this watch serves to showcase this important point, even if only notionally.

The face accommodates three subdials, executed in as small as possible fashion. In one particular model the dial is colored in “antique silver” tone – a rich, creamy beige that bespeaks luxury.

The watches come equipped with a leather straps or stainless steel bracelets, and encase Swiss Quartz movements.


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