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Swiss Army/Victorinox Convoy, Summit XLT Active Watches Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Victorinox Active

Swiss Army/Victorinox Active collection contains several lines of watches: Convoy and Summit XLT are the most prominent and saturated in terms of design variety, and sheer quantity of models. Additional offshoots include Base Camp, Excursion, Renegade, Original, Night Vision, and ST – all of which provide a variation on main themes introduced by the two main lines.

When compared to competition (such as Citizen Eco Drive or Seiko Le Grand Sport), and even to other collections within Swiss Army selection, Active timepieces emerge as a combination of casual and outdoors utilities – pieces that can effectively function in everyday setting, but will be helpful and reliable timing tools in a more challenging environment.

All watches feature a stainless steel case, supported by a similar bracelet or a rubber/synthetic strap (another indicator of the general sporty capacity). Some, but not all of the cases adjust to protect the crowns, while the oversized lugs appear to foreshadow Wenger's Aerograph Cockpit.

Victorinox Convoy
Victorinox Convoy


Most Convoy watches display dark gray to black dials. Separate models, however, show opposite screaming yellow or deep red. The aim of these two different approaches is to kill two rabbits with one blow: satisfy the need for camouflage in one case, and offer a solid diving utility in another – all within the boundaries of a single collection.

Convoy Chrono watch features a chronograph function which leads to more complex dial configurations; Victorinox solved this problem by leaving only three numerals on the face, substituting the others with indexes.

Summit XLT

Summit watches demonstrate a similar to Convoy color scheme with the addition of white. The white dials create a powerful contrast with the black unidirectional rotating bezel encircling them – but might appear visually jarring to some, and we recommend extra caution when considering this particular variation.

The bezel becomes a signature feature of this line, rendering the watches effective diving instruments, especially the bright orange piece. All watches encase a Swiss quartz movement; official prices for new items range between $300 and $500, according to Swiss Army website.


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