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Swiss Army/Victorinox Ladies Diamond, Vivante Quartz Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Victorinox Ladies

Swiss Army Diamond and Vivante watches haven't been titled de facto by Victorinox as ladies collections, but they were clearly designed as such. Smaller than usual case diameters (28mm being the norm), elegant visuals with streaks of formal evening wear, topped by diamonds on the bezels and mother-of-pearl on the dials – these features clearly attempt to catch the attention of female clientèle.

To draw a line between the sports&military oriented watches and women's timepieces, Victorinox employ white and pink colors: the majority of the dials exhibit a variation of these tones, with only a rare model featuring a familiar black face. Light plays another important role, as the stainless steel cases and bracelets – especially when set with diamonds – reflect and play with it. In a way, they act as flamboyant lures – the opposite of men's camouflage techniques. Swiss Army recognize, it seems, that females have different strategies and tactics.

Victorinox Diamonds Mother of Pearl
Victorinox Diamonds Mother of Pearl


A genuine jewelry fashion collection. Diamonds watches come strictly in stainless steel: like Ebel and other Swiss luxury designs, they demonstrate how focused and impressive the visual effect of combining precious stones with steel can be.

The company offers round and rectangular cases (a rarity in Swiss Army selection) supported by several kinds of bracelets. The dials contain a mother-of-pearl base, neutral, bluish or pinkish in tone, on which medium sized Arabic numerals, or diamond indexes, mark the hours.


Vivante collection might be considered a reinforced version of diamond watches: a pair of powerful lugs extends from the case and links with the bracelet, creating a robust, yet confidently elegant design. Diamond variations exist, though most pieces simply rely on this butterfly-like set-up; instead, a cabochon crown becomes the unifying gemstone element of ladies timepieces.

Additionally, Vivante watches introduce two-tone bracelets, more saturated pink tones and sunray decorations – readily becoming Swiss Army's most exuberant creations.


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