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Swiss Legend Watch Review

Updated on April 8, 2011

Known for their Men's watches, the Swiss Legend Trimix Diver is one of the most popular watches due to the combination of solid performance, eye-catching design and excellent price.

Swiss Legend watches are quickly becoming some of the most popular of the deeply discounted Swiss watches available on the internet and in this Swiss Legend watch review, I aim to cover the best Swiss Legend watches for men and women as well as a little bit about the company, the watch quality and how to get the best price.

If your are considering buying a Swiss Legend watch you may want to keep in mind that Amazon has free shipping on nearly all of their watches as well as special financing on certain watches.  You can click on any of the pictures below to learn more about each watch as well as buy the watch from Amazon.

Swiss Legend Men's Watches

The men's Swiss Legend watches are the most heavily marketed and therefore the most prominent watches made by the company.  Similar to the Invicta men's watches, Swiss Legend offers a large range of watches that are offered at big discounts.  And while the true price of the watch may be questionable, the Swiss Legend men's watches have some of the lowest prices on Swiss Made watches.  Below are some of the most popular men's models.

Legato Cirque

The Legato Cirque is one of my favorites from Swiss Legend.  This watch comes in several variations, including a chronograph and an automatic watch and it utilizes a comfortable sports band and colorful watch faces.  The Legato Cirque is a fairly big watch at 49mm but wears smaller.  The quartz model uses a Swiss quartz movement and contains a chronograph for timing (basically a stopwatch).  It also has a stainless steel case with exposed screws for accents and has fairly large pushers and crown.  The automatic version (self-winding version) has a similar design; however, opts for a black ion-plating finish on the stainless steel case giving it a much different look.  Both versions have a textured dial with skeletonized watch hands for easy time telling.  What I love about the Legato Cirque is that the watch face colors have a tremendous variety and some of the bolder versions such as yellow and red are very eye-catching without being obnoxious.  You can see all of the different variations by using any of the links on the right hand side.

Neptune Diver

The Neptune Diver is one of several Swiss Legend dive watches and is my favorite.  This dive watch is much different than most traditional dive watches in the sense that it doesn't seek to minimize the size of the watch.  The Neptune Diver is an extraordinary 53 mm in diameter and is 19 mm thick making it a huge watch.  But making a watch this big isn't necessarily about making a statement (although it does), it is more about not compromising on functionality.  This dive watch has a durable mineral crystal window, screw down crown, unidirectional bezel and best of all, all functions are easily manipulatable while diving.  It is powered by a Swiss quartz movement and is water resistant up to 330 feet.  The Neptune Diver comes in a range of colors from the unique and noticeable green and yellow versions, to the more traditional black with different colors for accents, to even some white and brown models.  Check out the selection using the links to the right.

Commander Chronograph

The Swiss Legend Commander Chronograph is another popular series that combines the sport and dive watch styles to produce a stylish chronograph.  This watch is a bit more moderate in terms of size coming in at about 45 mm wide, but the way in which the lugs come off of the watch face makes it look larger.  This, together with the large pushers and crown give it a very masculine and/or commanding look.  The watch features a uni-directional rotating bezel and chronograph that makes it a good watch for timing, diving and other sporting activities.  This watch is similar to the Legato Cirque in that it has a stainless steel body with a rubber strap, but the image of the watch is very different with the Commander being bolder and more imposing.  It also has a range of color combinations but they are more subdued with the stainless steel case taking prominence in this series.  You can see all the different options using any of the links to the right.

Tungsten Pro

The Tungsten Pro is another one of the Swiss Legend men's watches that I've had my eye on.  This watch is along the lines of the luxury Swiss watches such as those made by Rolex, Omega, etc.  For the Tungsten Pro the flashy watch and bracelet combo forgoes the traditional highly-polished stainless steel for Tungsten, and equally shiny and tough material.  This watch measures 45 mm in diameter and is in the same range as the other watches on the list, but this watch has much more class.  This watch is also a Chronograph and uses a Swiss quartz movement.  In addition, the bezel is a uni-directional rotating one that can be used to time your dive and there are tachymeter readings marked on the inner bezel (tachymeters are used to quickly calculate the frequency of things; i.e. miles per hour).  The Tungsten Pro has fewer variations but does have a range of different watch face colors to choose from.  See all of the options by using the links to the right.

Trimix Diver

Arguably the most popular Swiss Legend watch for men would be the Trimix Diver.  This watch has a tonneau shape to it which gives it a hexagon like appearance.  Similar to the Bulova Marine Star, this watch has several screws in the bezel giving it a porthole like appearance.  These dive watches all feature a chronograph function (yet no rotating bezel) and are powered by a Swiss quartz movement.  It has all the makings of a rugged diving watch with a water resistance rating up to 660 feet, a large (really large) screw down crown, sapphire crystal and rubber strap.  The variations on this watch mainly feature different color accents with the crown and bezel, but they have a whole bunch of different styles that you can see using the links on the right.

Swiss Legend Ladies Watches

While not being very well known, the Swiss Legend ladies' watches are stylish in their own right.  From the women's commander version which takes the masculine watch and transforms it into a strong feminine watch to the ceramic watches which are every bit as elegant as high priced luxury watch, all of the watches provide a great value and have numerous variations so that you can find the perfect color that would go with any outfit.

Women's Commander

The women's version of the commander watch is very similar to the men's version (which I mentioned was very masculine) but does a great job at still providing the feminine allure.  It does this by reducing the watch diameter to a still pretty large (for a women's watch) 37 mm but also providing softer, more feminine colors such as pastel pinks and blues, as well as several white watch versions with things like gold accents and mother of pearl dials.  Each of these watches is powered by Swiss quartz movements and is surprisingly water resistant, all the way down to 660 feet.  The watch also uses a polyurethane band that makes it very comfortable and helps it to wear smaller.  Feel free to browse the selection of Swiss Legend women's watches using any of the links to the right.


The Swiss Legend Colosso watches are the brand's classic ladies' watch.  These watches have a square dial and are about 30 mm in diameter making it the size of most women's watches.  Each of these watches uses the classic stainless steel with a highly polished finish to give it the look of an expensive luxury watch but costing only a fraction of the price (in the neighborhood of 100 bucks).  It's made with a highly scratch resistant sapphire and uses a Swiss quartz movement.  They have several variations such as the two tone gold and stainless bracelets, and a number of different watch faces (ivory, mother of pearl, black, white, etc.).  To see the entire selection, click on any of the watches to the right.

Swiss Legend Ladies Ceramic Watches

Swiss Legend also offers a couple of different ceramic watch lines.  By far the most popular is the Karamica which boasts an enormous watch face at approximately 40 mm (about the size of a man's watch).  Not only is it large, but because it is ceramic it has plenty of heft.  That hasn't stopped it from getting plenty of rave reviews as nearly everyone who reviewed the watch has enjoyed it immensely.  The watch bracelet colors are mainly limited to white, black and an ivory color but there are numerous watch face colors such as white, black, mother of pearl, etc.  And because of its size, the watch is very easy to read and the design has a very clean and dressy look.  You can use any of the images to the right to see more options and read more about each watch.

South Beach

The Swiss Legend South Beach Collection is a great watch to buy if you need something that is both dressy yet casual at the same time.  The South Beach watches have a very luxurious watch body with highly polished stainless steel case that measure around 35 mm and a variety of watch faces that all feature a clean design, plus some watches in this collection have a diamond encrusted bezel helping to provide the sophistication to the watch.  But then the watch is coupled with a leather band which lends it the casual appeal.  Each watch uses a Swiss quartz movement and has a mineral window that will resist scratches and shattering.  Explore all of the South Beach watches using any of the links to the right.

Swiss Legend Quality

When doing the research for this Swiss Legend watch review, I came across a number of different reviews and opinions and learned a great deal about these watches.  It turns out that Swiss Legend is owned by a company, Swiss Watch International or SWI, which owns a handful of watch brands: Swiss Legend, Jacques Lemans, Triumph (which is a motorcycle company), Red Line, and more.  The company is based out of Florida which takes away a bit of the Swiss watch legacy.  But that doesn't mean that the watches aren't Swiss necessarily.  It is a law that in order for a watch to contain the Swiss Made marking, it must have 50% of the value of the watch as Swiss components and the final steps of the manufacturing have to take place in Switzerland.  Now, not all of the Swiss Legend watches have Swiss Made status, but those that do are of good quality.

As with most brands, you are going to get loyal followers and haters and it's often the most intense of each group that speak up.  The best place that I've found to get good information on watches in the watch forums.  There you have people that will call out any bluffs and BS.  And you can get honest feedback from respected watch enthusiasts.  And the general impression that I've got is that Swiss Legend makes good low to mid range watches so long as that is all you expect from them.  And, to me, this is reflected in the price.

Where to Get the Best Price on Swiss Legend Watches

As I mentioned in the introduction, Swiss Legend is known as a deep discount brand because they discount their watches by up to 90% or more off.  The first thing to keep in mind when looking for the best price Swiss Legend watches is that the list price is generally accepted to be a marketing ploy.  The manufacturer can list it for whatever price they want and by offering huge discounts it makes you feel like you are getting a bargain.

So to get a good idea of what is a "normal" price take a look at what a number of places are selling them for.  I like Amazon because they have a list of retailers (off on the right hand side under the buy now button) that list their prices side by side.  Amazon offers the lowest price Swiss Legend watches on the main listing and I would say that 9 times out of 10 this is going to be the lowest price you can find.  The wild card, however, is that you will get online stores that have 1-day specials and blow out sales that do dip below the Amazon price.  Sites such as World of Watches often have a Swiss Legend clearance sale and some (BUT DEFINITELY NOT ALL) watches will be cheaper there.  I would do a quick comparison on Amazon to make sure.


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