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Discount Swiss Watches UK

Updated on October 8, 2009

 It is a fact that Switzerland is Renown for the making of fine watches. The city of Geneva and the region of Neuchâtel produce the finest watches in the world. But Switzerland wasn't the first to make fine watches. Early watch making appeared in Germany first. The English were well known as fine watch makers long before watch making became an industry in Switzerland.


In the 16th century the craftsmen of Switzerland were making jewelry not watches. A religious decree based on the belief that wearing jewelry was a sin banned the making of jewelry in Switzerland. To counter the ban the crafty Swiss artisans turned their jewelry making skills toward watch making. In a few years Geneva became a center of the watch making industry. In the mid 17th century a young blacksmith named Daniel Jean Richard who lived in France, became curious about watches. He went to Geneva to learn about and buy watch making machinery but was refused. The craftsmen of Geneva would only give him a few wheels that the machines had made. Jean Richard taught himself the watch making trade and by trial and error built his own machine to make the delicate wheels used inside a watch. He moved to Neuchâtel in Switzerland and was first to set up specialization in which craftsmen specialized in making certain watch parts. This concept and many more devised by Jean Richard eventually allowed Neuchâtel to exceed Geneva in quantities of watches manufactured.

 From their humble beginnings the watch makers of Switzerland built an industry and became known as the finest watch makers in the world. The title of Swiss Watch became a badge of quality. It wasn't long before anyone marketing a watch would label it as a Swiss Watch. This became a strong selling point. The Swiss finally succeeded in creating rules to counter act the fake watches. Only watches actually assembled in Switzerland can bear the label Swiss Watch. It is curious that even today one of the Swiss Watch industries biggest problems is replica watches. The Rolex watch is especially susceptible and is the victim of more watch forgeries than any other brand. Visit Discount Swiss Watches UK to learn more and browse the collections fine Swiss Watches online.


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