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These Awesome Ninja Sword Umbrellas

Updated on March 11, 2017

Anime and Asian Culture Fans would LOVE a Sword Umbrella

Sword Umbrellas are all the rage. There fun and look awesome to all generations.
Sword Umbrellas are all the rage. There fun and look awesome to all generations.

Best Umbrellas in the World

Ninja Sword Umbrellas are awesome. These umbrellas work like normal umbrellas would but the only flipside is that they appear to be swords. All kinds of swords from ninja style swords and fancy European swords too. All these umbrellas work well but sometimes may cause a problem in public locations such as: airports, malls, and markets. Putting the negative behind us leaves us with an awesome way to stay dry. Most of the umbrellas are black with black hilts. These umbrellas can be seen as real swords making them perfect on Halloween and at anime conventions for ninja cosplayers (and in case of bad weather will keep your costume dry!)

Common Ninja Sword Umbrella

This umbrella is the most popular of all sword umbrellas. Most people own one of these to be ninjas in there everyday life. Walking around with this on your back is a sure sign of cool. It is the length of a normal ninja sword and the hilt is a replica. Wind resistant it makes a great shelter from the rain as well.

Mini Ninja Sword

This is the small version of the ninja umbrella sword. This is for fitting in your pocket, purse, or on a belt. While looking like a normal ninja sword hilt it is obviously way to short to be a sword (which means this one will cause less problems in public areas.)

Advanced Ninja Sword Umbrella

These three sword umbrellas have designs and patterns on the umbrella itself. With gold trim, light blue trim, and red trim these umbrellas are more stylish then the normal black ninja umbrella. These are fine detailed and have authentic Japanese words and symbols on each of them. One of these three is what you would gift to the over-the-top anime fan or to someone who always wanted to have a sword (but is too young for a blade.)

**Update: The fanciest ninja sword umbrellas are actually really hard to find nowadays. The other types are still somewhat common but the nicer the look the rarer the item!

Knightly Umbrella Sword

The knightly sword umbrella is for those who love old European games with warriors. A gift of this umbrella would be great for a Runescape player for instance. Also people who enjoy the whole knight tales animes and shows or real history of castles and Lancelot would love this umbrella.

Sabre Sword Umbrella

The sabre sword umbrella is a wonderfully designed umbrella with a nice hilt. People who would like this the most are people who like anime pirates like the show One Piece for example. This sword umbrella is one for fencing and pirates to enjoy.

Broad Sword Umbrella

The broad sword umbrella is an epic umbrella for the best warriors. This umbrella looks as if it was a heavy two handed sword used in medieval times in England. With a crown on your head this could be a vital piece of any cosplay for medieval times. Feel like a king with this umbrella.


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    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

      I had never heard of sword umbrellas. Great information. I may get one soon. Thanks for sharing!

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 5 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      @Dexter Yarbtough Yeah, sword umbrellas are really cool, and it makes you look more like a man if it isn't pink with little princesses on it.


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