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Symbols of Friendship Used in Jewelry

Updated on October 16, 2010

Symbols of friendship are important representations of the love and trust shared by those closest to us. Jewelry is a common medium for these symbols. As gifts that are given and received on special occasions, or just because, symbols of friendship represented in jewelry are a timeless tradition with several noted incarnations.

Promise Rings

Some of the most popular pieces of jewelry used as an expression of a friendship symbol are rings. Modern designs and traditional symbols have been molded into the forms of rings that are as beautiful as they are meaningful. The most common ring given as a symbol of friendship is the promise ring. Similar to an engagement ring, promise rings most often consist of a simple gold or silver band adorned with between one and three central stones. There is a lot of room for personalization in the category of promise rings, as there are no cultural or historical legends or traditions that constrict its adornment.

Puzzle Rings and the Claddagh

A puzzle ring is a traditional symbol of friendship and love interpreted by modern jewelers into high end engagement rings and gifts. Puzzle rings consist of four to twelve interconnected bands that form a seemingly never-ending ring of twists and turns. The general meaning of the ring is that, when assembled, it creates a stronger bond than its separate pieces, much like the bonds of friendship. Another symbolic ring that is a popular representation of one’s love and friendship for another is the traditional Celtic Claddagh ring. The Claddagh symbol consists of three separate images combined into one. The first, a heart, represents emotions of love. The heart is held by gentle hands that stand for friendship and, atop the heart, sits a crown that is symbolic of the loyalty associated with love and friendship. In fine jewelry incarnations of the Claddagh ring, precious gems such as diamonds are most commonly used to adorn the central heart, as not to obscure the delicate details of the hands and crown.

A lapis lazuli ring.
A lapis lazuli ring.

Lapis Lazuli

It is not always what is carved into a piece of jewelry that makes it a symbol of friendship. In some cases it is the stone or precious gems used in a piece of jewelry that makes it a sentimental symbol of friendship, loyalty or love. The Lapis Lazuli holds the distinction of being one of the first gemstones ever mined and commonly associated with loyalty, healing, wealth and friendship. The rich blue color of the Lapis Lazuli is easy to spot and is the result of magma flowing through stones like limestone. The Romans famously believed that the stone had healing powers, and hence it has been given to close friends as a symbol of giving that friend health, wealth and a happy love life. Lapis Lazuli can be given as the stone itself but its most popular use in jewelry is as a pendant in a necklace.


A lovely gemstone given to friends as a symbol of giving care, warding off pain and improving relaxation is rhodonite. The coloring of rhodonite ranges from soft pink to light reds with subtle veins of dark brown and black. When purchasing rhodonite for a friend, it will most commonly appear as a smooth, polished sphere. Wearable rhodonite can be found in rings, earrings and pendants.


The perfect precious stone used in jewelry to give to a friend you have done wrong is turquoise. As a symbol of friendship, turquoise is said to put right any misdeeds and relieve guilt for the giver, as well as promote good health and luck for the person receiving it. Aside from its symbolic meaning, jewelry made with turquoise is stunning. The coloration of this gemstone ranges from a bold aqua blue to whites and yellows.

Symbols of friendship have been used in jewelry since the first precious stones were extracted from the earth. Used to not only show someone how much you care but also to relieve guilt, heal loved one’s pain and cement a bond, symbols of friendship remain a timeless, popular and meaningful gift to give.

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