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T shirts for $6! Discover Incredible Savings on a Huge Selection

Updated on February 20, 2009

Looking for a really good deal on a cool T-shirt that will get more action than a bottle of Axe body spray? With T-Shirt Hell.Com shutting its doors (the owner got too old and cranky to respond to the emails criticizing his revoltingly offensive inventory), we found a great web site that has an even better selection of retro, vintage, foul, obnoxious, and questionable t shirts that will freak your friends and could, quite possibly, get you tossed on to the pavement in front of your high school, or college. And at $6 a pop (or 10 t shirts for $50), you can get a great deal on some cool t shirts and still afford to biggie your value meal at McD's.

We couldn't believe the quality of the t shirts either (all t shirts are 100 percent cotton!). The silkscreen work is not thin and cheesy, either, and the prints will last through many washings, unless you get doused with a gallon of paint in a public place. Truthfully though, their T-shirts are not really borderline offensive, and you can still be cool without getting fined or thrown in jail for wearing one in a public place. If you live with Mom, she would even think their selection is killer. If obscure references are your bag, or if you've seen Borat six times and repeat the dialog along with the actors, you need to visit 6 Dollar T Shirts and take advantage of their special deal, 10 t shirts for $50...dudes and dudettes, check it out, it's for real. Great site, and you can't beat the prices.


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