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Featherweight 2 T3 Hair Dryer Review

Updated on May 22, 2016

How to Find the Best Professional Hair Dryer

  • Uniformly distributes heat

Heat from hair dryers can damage your hair, but tourmaline and ceramic hair dryers are less harmful because of their ability to evenly distribute heat, leaving hair shiny and smooth.

  • Quickly dries hair

Ionic and tourmaline hair dryers work by emitting negative ions that shrink the water droplets in your hair, shortening drying time. Powerful motors produce more air flow which also reduces your drying time.

  • Is lightweight

Styling your hair is much easier if you are using a lightweight hair dryer that doesn’t wear out the arm doing the styling.

  • Allows for versatile styling

Different heat settings are needed by various hair types. Some styles need high or low heat and speed settings and a dryer with multiple settings can accommodate that. A hair dryer with a cool-shot button can also be very useful for setting the style.

Learn Something Before Buying A Hair Dryer

  • Consider Your Hair Type and Your Desired Results

In general, making straight hair curly or curly hair straight asks the most of your dryer in terms of time and power. If this is the type of styling you do often, you will need to invest in a fast-working, powerful dryer that aims for frizz reduction. If you want straight styles with no frizz, you need a hair dryer with ionic technology.

  • Is Noise A Concern With A Hair Dryer?

Professional-quality dryers are often quieter than less expensive ones. Think about when and where you’ll be using your hair dryer and whether noise will be an issue.

  • Will You Be Traveling With Your Dryer?

Frequent travel means you will want to purchase a dryer that is lightweight and easy to pack, and features dual voltage. Many times travel dryers offer the power of a regular dryer but with a smaller size.

  • Are Your Arms Strong?

As silly as it sounds, if your upper body is not very strong you may need a lightweight dryer – especially if your hair is very long or thick.

  • Are There Attachments That You Need?

If you have curly hair, a diffuser is a must, while straight hair benefits from a concentrator nozzle. It is possible to find a diffuser attachment that will fit various hair dryers, for the most part concentrator attachments have to be bought with the hair dryer.

T3 Featherweight 2 Professional Hair Dryer Review

The Featherweight 2 T3 Hair Dryer boasts advanced technology that allows it to dry hair in about half the time of a standard dryer, according to experts and owners. It’s one of the best hair dryers yet. Several owners have reported being pleasantly surprised by the softness of their hair after using the dryer. The Featherweight 2’s main drawback is that it isn’t as light as you might expect.


Performance of Featherweight 2 T3 Hair Dryer

Halves styling time - The Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer lives up to its major marketing claims: it does dry your hair in half the time it takes other dryers to do the same job, and this T3 Hair Dryer does leave your hair feeling sleek and soft. There are a few owners who say, unimpressed, that that drugstore dryers are just as good; however, these detractors are rare. Complaints of the T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer not working properly are hard to find. One owner reported that the warranty is hard to redeem because you need to have the warranty paperwork or to have registered the dryer when you purchased Featherweight 2 Dryer.

Shoppers should be aware that the T3 Featherweight 2 is virtually the same model as the Featherweight.

Ease of Use

The Featherweight 2 T3 Hair Dryer is usually described as lightweight by professional reviewers, but some owners felt that this T3 Featherweight Professional Hair Dryer is heavier than they anticipated and because of that it’s hard to hold up after long use. The fact that the quick drying time offered by the dryer may negate some of the difficulty posed by the dryer’s weight was pointed out by one reviewer. Reviewers noted that the handle could be easier to use, and according to T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer Reviews, one owner found the handle somewhat slippery and hard to hold. Editors at remark that accidentally hitting the cool-shot button is easy to do. Most owners, however, are able to look past these small flaws.


  • Multiple heat settings
  • Improves hair's texture
  • Cool-shot button
  • Reduces drying time
  • Breaks down water molecules for faster drying and helps smooth the hair cuticle
  • Provides greater styling versatility for all hair types
  • Highly durable, professional-level, long-lasting motor


  • A bit heavier
  • Uncomfortable handle

Are You Fashion Conscious? If Yes, How Do You Consider This Product?

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Final Thought

The Featherweight 2 T3 Hair Dryer is a bit of an investment, but most reviewers feel that it’s worth the price.

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