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TAG Heuer Men's WAF1110.BA0800 2000 Aquaracer Quartz Watch

Updated on November 23, 2010

Click Here to Buy TAG Heuer Men's WAF1110.BA0800 2000 Aquaracer Quartz Watch

Once my husband got the watch, he was really impressed with it. He wore it every single day and people at his work always give him compliments. When they ask how much he bought it for, they were surprised. A watch like this would normally cost 1200 dollars but we bought it for less than 900 dollars. Once he received the watch, he took it down to the jewelry store to have some links removed. It was too big for his wrist. It did not cost anything to remove the links because the store was an authorized TAG dealer. When his friends ask him where he got the watch, he told them that he got it from Amazon. I think is friends are probably going to buy one for them selves too. It is one fine watch and certainly worth the price.

This coming Christmas I wanted to get my husband something special. It had to be something where you would have it all the time. I asked some of my friends for some suggestions and they all told me to get him a watch. I looked at hundreds of watches before finally settling on the TAG Heuer Men's WAF1110.BA0800 2000 Aquaracer Quartz Watch. I looked at several places that sold this watch and it was apparent that Amazon had the best price. The reason I liked This TAG watch is that is looks really sporty and sophisticated. You can wear it when you go during adventurous stuff. You can also wear it for parties too. The face of the watch is big enough so that it is easy to read the dial. Of course TAG Heuer is a well known brand and makes really good watches. I knew I could not go wrong here. The company hails from Switzerland and they make good watches there.


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