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Updated on April 25, 2010

Most of the people that are facing hair loss issues, both male and female, are experiencing it the crown area. And most of the times, this type of hair loss is triggered by the DHT hormone. Now, the good thing is that we can stop it using severall things. The best remedy is prospecia which is FDA approved. Next one in line is a topical shampoo called nioxine and also a lot of other nioxin based shampoos.

You may also find that Rogaine or Minoxidil very handy when it comes to stopping hair loss. Those two, are actually a blood pressure medication but as a side effect they also promote hair growth. So, not only that they will stop hair loss but they will also help you re-growing your hair and keeping it healthy. Hair growth can be improved by Biotin, which is a vitamin that we consume through several foods.

Women in particular experience hair loss also through the area around the hairline. A lot of that is either through brakeage from relaxers or also from pulling that hair back really thigh. Whenever you hair is wet you do not want to pull that hair back really, really taunt because what that does is breaking you hair, which is weaker anyway when it is wet. The more it beaks, the more stress on that follicle then that hair starts to recede and move back.

So really the best ways to prevent hair loss are, as you age start using a product that will help remove the DHT buildup on you scalp, feed those follicles with biotin and B vitamin, of course talk to your doctor before you start taking any vitamins and also whenever your hair is wet be gentle with it and don’t yank on it and pull it back really tight across you head. Those three things should help with stopping and preventing hair loss.

As a bonus for you I am going to present bellow a traditional way you can try to see if it works for you in the matter of the hair loss issue.

What you will need: olive oil, egg yolk and lemon juice. Take two tea spoons of olive oil, and mix it with some egg yolk and some lemon juice. After you properly mixed all of these together apply it all over the scalp very gently. This will help you prevent hair loss. You can also use just the normal olive oil or egg yolk to massage the scalp, this will prevent hair loss.

I hope this has been informative, and if you would like to hear more about hair issues and other biotin hair growth secrets please check my hub pages or my website.


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      Prashant Agarwal 4 years ago

      An easier, less messy alternative to using Egg Yolk directly is a ready to use Egg Yolk Oil like EYOVA. Available online at, it's not smelly, messy or allergenic (egg yolk can be). You can also leave it on overnight