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Updated on April 1, 2016

Diamond rings are the first and foremost choice when it comes to engagement rings. Diamonds come in several shapes ranging from round to pear and marquise which are then carved in gorgeous and sparkling engagement rings. Which shape fits you the best? Which one is more affordable? These tips will help you find answers to all these questions and much more. Take a look.

various diamond shapes
various diamond shapes | Source

1. Go for a fancy shaped diamond

Fancy shaped diamonds such as heart shaped or marquise are much more affordable than the classic round cut or princess cut diamonds. Moreover, these kinds of shapes emanate an extraordinary charm and render a rare appeal to the ring giving it an unconventional touch.

Diamond Fancy Shapes

various shaped diamonds
various shaped diamonds | Source

2. Buy a visually larger diamond

Shapes like pear, marquise or oval look larger than they actually are as compared to the classic round shape. If you want a diamond that looks pricey but is affordable, then these shapes will do the trick for you.

larger diamond ring
larger diamond ring | Source

3. Rose Gold Metal

Rose gold is a warmer metal tone as compared to yellow gold. White crystal diamonds are known to reflect the light of their surroundings as they are prismatic. So, your diamond will look more radiant and sparkling when set in a subtly toned metal such as rose gold.

Rose Metal solitaire diamond engagement ring
Rose Metal solitaire diamond engagement ring | Source

4. Solitaire setting

The most economical and most loved engagement ring setting is the solitaire setting. Here, the complete focus is on the diamond (which you can pick as per your preference) and a solitaire ring is indeed a timeless piece which can never go out of style.

Solitaire diamond settings
Solitaire diamond settings | Source

5. Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are relatively less expensive than the white crystal diamonds. They come in beautiful hues like yellow, blue, pink and brown and look more unique and exclusive than the white ones.

Colored Diamonds
Colored Diamonds | Source

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