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TRUKFIT: Not Just Another Clothing Line

Updated on January 11, 2013
The TRUKFIT logo
The TRUKFIT logo | Source

"I love TRUKFIT!", "Where is my TRUKFIT?" and many more are what I hear these days. What exactly is this TRUKFIT and why are people craving so much for it?. I discovered it is a new clothing line and so many people are already in love with it. I was not expecting the introduction of a clothing line, but TRUKFIT has shown a few reasons why it is not just "another" clothing line.

When you are in the mood to be casual but still want to look cool and presentable anywhere, TRUKFIT is definitely what you need. Bright colors, great designs and maximum comfort is what you get from TRUKFIT. It is something I have tested and I must say that I am impressed with what TRUKFIT has been able to come up with so far.


TRUKFIT is the acronym for "The Reason U Kill For IT" which is a clothing line created by the popular rapper Lil Wayne. He came up with the name TRUKFIT from his childhood experiences when he and his friends would buy replica clothes from the back of a truck that would drive by his neighborhood. Then when people spotted the fake clothes, they would say: “you got on the truck fit”. He wanted to change this notion and make it cool to wear TRUKFIT apparel and that was why he named the clothing line TRUKFIT.

TRUKFIT fits your style if you love to skate, make music, or create art. It comes in simple designs that appear really cool. TRUKFIT is aesthetically rooted in skater culture with Lil Wayne himself an avid skater. The clothing line debuted in January 2012 and has grown to be a popular brand in the US, if not around the world. Lil Wayne himself wears nothing but TRUKFIT these days and this is because he loves the designs. The designs of all TRUKFIT apparel are what Lil Wayne himself can wear and that means they are all of great quality.

The clothing line has also widened its range from just selling hats, t-shirts, jumpers and hoodies to selling beanies, jackets, shorts, sweatpants and socks. Lil Wayne is the creative director of TRUKFIT, and much like his rapping, his designs are more freestyle than traditional. As well as wearing TRUKFIT apparel at every event he attends and in every music video that he appears in, another way Lil Wayne has been promoting his clothing line is by referencing it in his music.

Lil Wayne and the friends rocking TRUKFIT
Lil Wayne and the friends rocking TRUKFIT | Source


It is not difficult to know the reason why TRUKFIT has grown so much in popularity within a year. Well, apart from being owned by one of hip hop's most popular rapper, it also has a special way of appealing to people in the sense that it is simply an expression of what the people feel and love to wear.

The fact that Lil Wayne has been rocking the apparel in every single new picture that we have seen of him since the launching of TRUKFIT, is enough reasons for his fans to want theirs also. Despite having a large fan base, Lil Wayne has also gotten other celebs to rock the apparel thus making more people fall in love with the clothing line.

When I see Rihanna, Game, Trina, Fred Durst, Cory Gunz, Mack Maine, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, and plenty more! rocking the same apparel, I definitely want to do the same. My decision to do the same is not just based on that but mainly on the designs. When the designs are plain, they are wonderful. When colors are used, they are perfect. Everything seems to just come out good and we all love good things.

My opinion is this; TRUKFIT is going places. Already taking over the United States, there are strong interests from other continents to bring TRUKFIT to their people.

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