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Tattoos Viewed by a Bias Society

Updated on March 23, 2018

Zombie Boy

A lot of the time people with tattoos are judged and turned down from jobs based on bias opinions about them. Some people don't understand the reasoning behind tattoos and often make comments to the person who has them and try to belittle them like they are less of a human because of what they have on their skin. Tattoo shaming was pretty bad up until maybe the last decade or so. Now tattoos have become so mainstream people barely blink an eye at you if you have them.

People with tattoos are sometimes viewed as "gang bangers" and things of that nature due to what people see on tv and in music videos. Before judging someone based on what their skin is showing you and how they choose to express themselves, you should think about all the things you do NOT know about that person. In an article I found online it gives you a scenario of a middle aged man walking into a restaurant with full sleeves and a couple of piercings. Of course people are going to judge him based off what he looks like but that could truly be the most genuine and nicest man you could ever meet. That man is probably a fire fighter who saves lives every day and doesn't even get acknowledged because of his body modifications and how he chooses to express his creativity.

Tattoo History

It is said that tattoos have been around since the beginning of human history. In 1991 German hikers found the mummified remains of a prehistoric human. Carbon Dating showed that he had been mummified for over 5,300 years and had over 57 tattoos starting from his neck and ending at his ankles. So why is it that society still wasn't adapted and used to tattoos up until recently? I wish I could tell you. I personally do not see anything wrong with having tattoos, of course that is bias of me because I have tattoos myself but I feel as if it doesn't stop you from getting your work done then there is no problem with it.

(left) Frontal view of full body tattoo of the Pingelap and Mwoakilloa Islanders, Micronesia, 1826. (right) Dorsal view of Pingelap and Mwoakilloa tattooing, 1870s.
(left) Frontal view of full body tattoo of the Pingelap and Mwoakilloa Islanders, Micronesia, 1826. (right) Dorsal view of Pingelap and Mwoakilloa tattooing, 1870s. | Source

Milennials and Tattoos

Tattoos have become so mainstream over the past decade that in the year 2014 it was estimated that 40 percent of Millennials have a tattoo. The reason I feel as though it is hard to find a job when you have tattoos is because the older generations don't understand us and probably won't want us to help them with anything because they don't respect what we have done to our bodies.


The Vampire Lady

The video above provides background of "The Vampire Lady". What people don't know about her is that she was at one point in her life a lawyer and decided to take on a different career path later on. While being married to her first husband, Maria was in a domestic relationship. Scared for her life she decided it was best if she ended it and the way she wanted to finally express her freedom was through body modifications. Maria soon opened up a tattoo shop. People often stare at her and call her out of her name because she looks different but fail to realize who she was and what she went through before the tattoos and other body modifications. She has four children and is in a happy marriage so just like anybody else she is living a pretty normal life. Social media has been the biggest reason people EVERYWHERE know about her. She is so famous that they are making replica "Vampire Lady" statues and putting them in a bunch of different museums around the world. Be honest, if I hadn't given you the information I just did would you be afraid to even look her way? I bet the answer is yes and that is understandable seeing how different she looks but what is not ok is judging a book by its cover like the old saying goes.

In this article they talk about how at first people were so afraid to meet Maria but now they literally kiss her hand when they meet her. That right there goes to show you that people with tattoos are absolutely judged prior to knowing them. They would say she was on drugs and things like that. she is a video Jockey now, she is getting paid to look the way she does as if she was a model of some sort. Social Media and society are viewing her like she's a sideshow attraction.

As I thought of reasons anyone could label someone without knowing them, firmly based on their tattoos I realized a lot of older people see people like Lil Wayne and others who have tattoos all over their bodies and figure that everyone is like them. Lil Wayne really portray's himself as an awful human being in his music and his videos. I've watched numerous of his interviews and he's actually a pretty nice guy. Older people don't realize that we are a product of our environment and instead of telling our stories with the way we act and doing things to prevent our future, we'd rather let the art on our skin tell the story.


I feel like hip-hop (rap to be more specific) is really a main cause for the way older people look at people with tattoos. Credit is barely given or even goes unnoticed in the industry when it comes to artists who have a bad rep but do so many selfless things. The clip above shows Lil Wayne literally telling his pilots to stop his plane so him and his entourage could get off to pay their respects to about 30 soldiers who were going into the airport. There was no paparazzi around so you can't even say he did it for a good write up.

The above video shows the world's most tattooed senior citizens. I find it ironic because majority of the time it is older people trying to tell us about ourselves and how we should look. This man and woman are in there late 60s and mid 70s and are still going constantly to get more work done. In the video they talk about how people stare at them and one thing that stood out to me was when the man said "If people just take time to talk to us a little people, they'll find out there's nothing really evil." I relate to this because people always assume the worst about me because of how I express myself but I am honestly a very caring person.

"Deviant Behavior"

"Twenty-nine percent of people, with and without tattoos, believed there was a link between tattoos and "deviant behavior" in 2008. That percentage was 24 percent in 2012, the report said." I got this quote from an article on The article touched up on how more younger people are getting tattoos than ever before but the fact that they said that many people believed tattoos to be linked to deviant behavior blew my mind. As said in another assignment, it is the person not what the person does in their free time. There is no way a tattoo can literally make someone act a certain way, you yourself have to want to act that way. (Link below)


All in all, society looks at people with tattoos like they are monsters and that isn't always the case. When it comes to this subject, we live in a bias world.


This is a picture of my cousin with his son, without his uniform he does get judged a lot but he is a firefighter.
This is a picture of my cousin with his son, without his uniform he does get judged a lot but he is a firefighter.


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