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Find Luxury in a Taffeta Wrap Blouse

Updated on October 1, 2010

The Elegance of a Taffeta Wrap Blouse

A taffeta wrap blouse combines the crisp beauty and luxury of silk or synthetic woven taffeta with the simple elegance of the timeless wrap blouse. Together you have a beautiful and often expensive piece of attire.

Taffeta is recognized as a high quality and higher-end fabric. Known for its clean and crisp beauty, taffeta offers a brilliance unsurpassed by any other known fabric.

A taffeta wrap blouse is not something you wear out for lunch, unless you are dining in a very expensive restaurant or eating lunch at an afternoon gala. The truth is, taffeta is most commonly used for such items as wedding dresses and ball gowns. That is why if you are thinking of purchasing a taffeta wrap blouse, make sure you have an occasion worthy of it.

You can find taffeta wrap blouses for sale online at eBay.

How to Wear a Taffeta Wrap Blouse

In reality, anyone can wear a taffeta wrap blouse, you just have to make sure the cut is right for you and the length. A taffeta wrap blouse can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Most often it appears as an almost crinkled fabric that appears to be iridescent in nature. While there are less expensive taffeta fabrics made from polyester or rayon, your most luxurious taffeta wrap blouses will come from silk.

A taffeta wrap blouse can look good on just about anyone, depending on the length of the blouse. Opt for a longer wrap blouse if you plan on wearing it to an elegant evening out. Also, look for variations in the bottom seam of the blouse that will make you appear more curvy.  This is due to the fact that the taffeta wrap blouse ties around the waist with a deep v-neck in front, which gives the illusion of an hourglass shaped top. It will make your bosom appear much wider than it actually may be.

While this is a godsend for many, if you are extremely large chested, you may wanted to opt for another style of taffeta blouse. A taffeta wrap blouse may only make you look cheap, like you're trying to show yourself off. Of course, if the wrap blouse is cut higher, you can absolutely wear a taffeta wrap blouse without looking showy.

If you're flat chested, then a too deeply cut v-neck may make you appear even bonier up top. It is better to try on a wrap blouse, to find out just how deep of a v-neck wrap blouse you can pull off. While the illusion of width up top is created by any wrap blouse, make sure you look good in a wrap blouse before investing in a taffeta wrap blouse.

For the greatest selection of taffeta wrap blouses, try looking online. Sometimes you can find a real deal that you are sure to love.


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