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Tag Heuer Formula 1 Racing Swiss Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Tag Heuer Formula1: First Race, Then Rest

Tag Heuer's Formula 1 watches distill the brand's main racing qualities into one tightly focused collection of racing timepieces. Formula 1 timers reflect racing in both concept and design – they're like a capsule of pure racing mojo, but with a ticking mechanism inside. Indeed, the sharpness and explosiveness of the visual appearance may render the watches as symbolical “ticking bombs.”

Though the collection is presented as suitable for leisure, as well as racing, its driving force ensues from the massive bezel and the subdials with bright orange or red hands – prominent features of a racing watch.

Tag Heuer outfitted the Formula 1 collection with a set of features that facilitate the operation of the watch, making it easy to use under harsh physical conditions (such as the additional force of gravity racing drivers experience).

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But even in normal situations, drivers who recently experienced a surge of adrenalin, will appreciate the “easy grip” crown design, and the undulating bezel, as both can be moved with the gloves on, without any additional and unnecessary exertion.

Titanium coating, anti-scratch sapphire glass and caoutchouc straps guarantee both durability and stability during wearing. Overall, the design bears notable similarities to the Aquaracer: the dials resemble both in visual structure and spirit – the same “sprawling” character.


Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches contain automatic mechanical or quartz movements, with two main complications: chronograph (not surprisingly) and alarm (surprisingly). The latter line is probably the only Formula 1 model that can also function as a casual/dressy watch. Date or grand date are two standard complications appearing in all timepieces; the digital screen on the Chronotimer version marks another resemblance to the Aquaracer. I think these two collections are like siblings, one destined for the land, the other for the sea.


Formula 1 Ladies watches receive a jewelry treatment, resulting in peculiar looking pieces, not unlike some Audemars Piguet models: a bizarre combination of extreme sport with style. Lots of diamonds, stainless steel, and satin straps.


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