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Tag Heure Mens watches.

Updated on August 10, 2013

Unbeatable Style

Mens Watches by Tag Heuer

The TAG Heuer company men's watch began in the year eighteen sixty when the company Uhrenmanufactur Heuer AG in the Swiss town of St-Imier was founded by Edouard Heuer.

In the year eighteen eighty two, he patented his first chronograph. Two years earlier, Heuer had massed produced the chronograph watch and rapidly became well-known in sports competitions of high levels.

This was also the time when markers for his philosophy was established. More specifically, his philosophy was comprised of a determination to push the boundaries of time measurement more and more and the technical sporting performance know-how.

More significantly, many innovations and patents that are achievements for historic watchmaking were also accomplished by Heuer. In the year eighteen eighty seven, his 'oscillating pinion' was patented and utilized by primary makers of watches for chronographs which were mechanical.

It was in the year nineteen eleven when the "Time of Trip" patent was received by Heuer. This was the first chronograph for dashboards. Created for using in both air crafts and automobiles, 2 big hands were placed on top of the pinion in the middle to show the time, the way it does on a clock which is traditional.

Smaller hands are placed on the the dial at the twelve-o'clock position, which indicates a trip's duration up to twelve full hours. A crown mounted on top lets the watch wearer set the time. There is also a mounted button on the crown that operates the counter for trip duration functions for resetting, stopping or starting.

Heuer made an introduction in the year nineteen fourteen of the first chronograph for the wrist. The crown was positioned at twelve o'clock and these stemmed from pocket chronograph adaptations. Two years later, the 'Micrograph' made an introduction. This was the 1st stopwatch ever created that featured accuracy of up to one-one hundredth of a second.

Soon, the Micrograph model was followed by the Semikrograph, offering a timing of one-fiftieth of a second stopwatch. This version also had a function of split seconds which let users find the intervals between two events or two competitors. This occurrence marked modern sport birth. As a matter of fact, in the twenties, Tag Heuer was the timekeeping official at the Amsterdam, Paris and Antwerp Olympics.

In the year nineteen thirty three, a timer for the dashboard called Autavia was introduced, the name of which was a combination of both 'aviation and autos.' A clock companion called Hervue was also developed which could run for 8 straight days without needed winding. In the period from nineteen thirty five to the early forties, Heuer created Flieger, which were chronographs for German air force pilots.

The version earlier had a case with a hinge-back and a push button for reset, start or stop. Later versions featured cases with a snap back and a second push button for time out and time in. All the chronographs by Flieger had a capacity of half an hour and two registers.

Also in the mid forties, the chronograph line introduced models with both 2 and 3 registers. Some chronographs that had 3-registers included a function that had a full register. Being Heuer Chronograph highest developments thus far, these chronographs that had 3 calendars were featured in steel casing which were stainless, as well as twenty two carat gold, eighteen carat cold and fourteen carat gold casing. The colors of the dial were available in copper, black or white.


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