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Tag Heuer Professional Sports/Golf Watch Review

Updated on May 1, 2013

Tag Heuer Professional Golf Watch

Tag Heuer's Professional Sports Watch crowns the brand's cooperation with Tiger Woods. For that reason, it's also known as Professional Golf watch – it was initially designed as such, and only later adopted by athletes from other sports (tennis, bicycle, polo).

At the first glance it looks like an offshoot of Monaco, but that's a misleading impression: Professional Sports Watch (featuring quartz movement) is not a motor racing timer, though it certainly demonstrates characteristics that make it suitable for extreme activities.


Tag Heuer Professional Sports Watch may remind of Monaco in outward appearance, but it's completely different in its ergonomic functions and materials – the two fields that really make the collection.

But even before that, the Professional Sports Watch shows some rare characteristics: a left-handed crown (even for the right-handed), and two push buttons, one at ten, another at two o'clock. While the left-handed crown prevents unnecessary contact with the outer palm, the push buttons' purpose is actually to release the strap – not to operate a chronograph.

Professional Sports Watch weighs only 55 grams. The light weight makes it perfect for sports where the athlete must hold, lift, and handle a club, a bat, or a rocket; where any notable additional weight might not only disturb the participants, but also undermine their game, changing the all important specifications that make a stroke or a serve perfect.


Tag Heuer rarely use metals other than stainless steel, but the Professional Sports Watch is one of the exceptions. In order reduce the overall mass, the case incorporates the ultra-light and durable titanium; furthermore, the strap was made of silicon, and the dial of anthracite – a surprising combination of technologically advanced and “old-school” rare materials that can blend effectively only in a carefully designed and thought-out product.

Tiger Woods claims that this is the first watch he can wear while playing golf. Tag Heuer claim that the Professional Sports Watch is the first pro golf timepiece ever made. Either this is a conspiracy, or they are both telling the truth.


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