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Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic, Day-Date Swiss Watches Review

Updated on January 5, 2015

Tag Heuer Carrera: Racing with Style

Tag Heuer Carrera collection offers strictly automatic men's and ladies' stylish racing watches. The collection can be split into racing and dressy lines, the former featuring a chronograph function and exhibiting much more harsher and utility oriented look.

Carrera differs from the Monaco not only in geometrical form, but also in spirit: it's more refined visually; it's sleeker and more streamlined – which becomes evident in the emphasis the collection makes on bracelets.

Though Carrera watches come with straps as well, it is here that Tag Heuer start paying particular attention to bracelets, a tendency that would peak in the Link collection.

Tag Heuer's Carrera aims to create a synergism of elegance and sports function. The most effective line in this respect, we think, is the Carrera Automatic Chronograph Tachymeter – the day-date version may appear overloaded to people who prefer clarity, while the regular Automatic watch without complications may seem too basic.

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Design and Models

The tachymeter version shifts some of the marks onto the bezel, relieving the dial, and allowing the two main, vertically aligned subdials to make an impression. Interestingly, this dial design reappears on Seiko Arctura watches.

Carrera watches back their claims at stylistic versatility by designing the pieces using a variety of colors, and equipping them with either straps (leather or caoutchouc) or stainless steel bracelets. More luxurious models add gold on the bezels.

Movements and Complications

In contrast to the groundbreaking Monaco, Carrera relies on a single pure automatic movement with a chronograph, day-date, or dual (twin-time) complication. Depending on the size and the complication, a watch may contain a different caliber. In general, the less complex watches display notable casual tendencies.


Carrera Ladies watches discard all sports racing elements, essentially becoming a high-end luxury dressy collection. The timepieces are set with diamonds at ten-minute intervals inside the dial; the bezels are densely encrusted. The two-tone variations show even more festive luxurious traits.


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