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Tag Heuer Monaco Swiss Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Tag Heuer Monaco (and Steve McQueen)

Tag Heuer's Monaco is probably the most recognizable sports race watch collection currently in production. With it distinctive square shape and sizzling blue dials (in the classic “Le Mans” version), it projects unbridled, infectious, and enigmatic masculinity, all epitomized in the person of Steve McQueen, the legendary actor and car racer.


Monaco collection relies on arguably the rarest geometrical form used in watchmaking: the square. The square doesn't lend itself to easy flowing designs – it's too straight and symmetrical for that – too edgy and stubborn. That's also the reason why it is best suited for sports and functionality oriented (like the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Squadra) watches. In Monaco, these seeming disadvantages emerge as points of strength.

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Tag Heuer Monaco
Tag Heuer Monaco
Tag Heuer Monaco

Tag Heuer Monaco is a tight collection that offers three main lines: Automatic Chronograph, Automatic, and Monaco 69, which may include a quartz movement.

The Automatic watch includes a cream colored luxury model that incorporates mother-of-pearl and diamonds, and actually tames the robust sporty look of the darker versions.


Tag Heuer don't shun quartz calibers, and employ one in the Monaco Sixty Nine. This watch actually combines a mechanical movement, that moves the hands of the analog dial, with a quartz one, which controls the digital chronograph function on back of the watch


Though similar to Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso design as far as the mechanical concept goes, Monaco Sixty Nine differs in that it inhabits two movements, one for each side. Strangely, this is both a more simple and complex solution.


Monaco Ladies employs soft pastel colors like beige and light brown to tone down the inherent aggressiveness of the square. The light colors, sometimes in patterns, appear on both the dials and the alligator straps. The more luxurious models add on diamonds on the hands, indices and even the bezel (the roof and the bottom).

Still, the watch looks very uncompromising – and Maria Sharapova's look, as she presents the watch while wearing a leather jacket, emphasizes this quality.


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