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Tag Heuer Women's Watch from Monaco

Updated on September 11, 2012

Tag Heuer Women's Watches Feature Luxurious Quality

Tag Heuer women's watches include the Carrera, an iconic series which has a brand new exclusive women's line for women who care about quality which is authentic. The same classic elegance and pure lines of the Tag Heuer Women's Watch Carrera has interpreted the timepiece for women called the Carrera Lady.

A luxury Swiss watchmaker, Tag Heuer is a popular brand for women's watches, chronographs and sports watches. A luxury division company, Tag Heuer is part of both Louis Vuitton and LVMH Moet Hennessy.

The motto of the company is SwissAvant-GardeSince1860. Aside from watches, the company also produces cell phones and glasses.

Beginning in the mid-sixties, Heuer was in partnership with Hamilton and Breitling which introduced the globe's first chronograph watch that was automatic. Swiss watch manufacturer Zenith and Japanese manufacturer of watches Seiko also wanted to be the first to feature chronograph watches.

Without letting their competition know, these companies conducted the projects secretly. Most consumers agree that the venture of Heuer Breitling was the 1st to make an introduction of the new automatic chronograph line to the market worldwide, with HeuerBreitlingHamilton featuring a press conference which was lavish in New York and Geneva on the third of March nineteen sixty nine to show the new line of chronograph watches for men and women.

The first chronographs that were automatic included the Monaco, the Carrera and the Autavia. These were powered by the Cal12 and the Cal11 movement twelve hour chronographs.

In addition, the Cal15 which was a thirty minute chronograph and the Cal14 which has a 2nd time zone, an additional GMT hand and a twelve-hour chronograph also powered the line.

Unlike the usual watch, the crown for winding was on the left and on the right was the chronograph pusher.

The current Tag Heuer lines include the Grand Carrera, Monaco, Carrera, Link, Aqua racer and Formula One. In line with the luxurious image and spirit of innovation it is best known for, Tag Heuer has long term linkage associated with the World of Hollywood and the World of Sports.

The line of watches is also the timekeeping official of the 3 Olympic Summer Games of the twenties. It has also been the official timekeeper of the Formula 1 World Champions, the Skiing World Championship and has created watches for the F1 team of McLaren. Tag Heuer additionally has lengthy lists of Hollywood and sports ambassadors.

Recent models include the Carrera Calibre which is the 1st mechanical chronograph for the wrist measuring time to one to one-hundredth of a second. Other recent models also include the Monaco V4 which is driven by belts rather than gears and the Monaco 69 which has a hinge mechanism that lets you do watch flipping between 2 dials found separately.

In the year two thousand and seven, the company became the winner of the iF design product awards. The winning piece was the MonacoCalibre 360LS ConceptChronograph. This award was done by the Hanover Germany international Forums Designers.

This timepiece was the recipient of the award in the category of lifestyle and leisure. It was selected among over two thousand two hundred watches presented by makers of watches in thirty five countries.


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