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Tahari Suits: Power Dressing for Women

Updated on July 8, 2014

What's there in clothes?

“What is there in clothes?” This is an old saying that is now just as obsolete as the concept. In the present age clothes determine the personality of any individual. The clothes you buy and wear reflect your attitude, character and personality. For a woman in the corporate world it is important to use power dressing techniques and wear clothes that not only get noticed but also impose your character and personality over others, so that people take you seriously.

Tahari suits are milestones in features that are not only elegant but also traditional. Tahari has a wide array of suits, 2 or three pieces formal suits, tops and skirt or trousers specially designed for confident, working women. These suits are also available in a selection of colours like black, brown, purple or charcoal. If you are bored by monochromatic colours and designs you can go in for a combination of colours.


Linen Skirt Suit


Tahiri’s Ladies Two Piece Skirt Suit

Tahiri’s Ladies Two Piece Skirt Suit is a popular choice among the stylish working women who like some colour in their life. The two piece skirt suit by Tahari is a perfect blend of style and power, matched with Tahiri’s red blazer stylishly adorned by for gold buttons. Or you might choose the Tahari trousers to go with a tailored polyester blazer top.

Tahari Three-piece Pant Suit

Black Three-piece Pant Suit
Black Three-piece Pant Suit | Source
Navy Three-piece Pant Suit
Navy Three-piece Pant Suit | Source

Tahari Three-piece Black Pants Suit

The Tahari Three-piece Black Pants go well with set distinctively elegant. The black pants can also go well with a metallic mesh shell jacket. This is one of the most conventional designs and comes with a single-button jacket, two horizontal pockets in the front and a peaked lapel. This suit is perfectly suited for any occasion - formal or semi-formal. The elastic waist makes the pants extremely comfortable and well fitted. This is one of the best-selling suits and is popular because it's not just formal and monochromatic but stylish and elegant as well.

Another variant of the three piece suit comes with a red blazer, an oft-red Rayon shirt and pants of the same shade. The polyester pants give a tailor-made appearance and comfort. The shirt is stitched from rayon fabric. You can choose a blazer or a top of your wish that suits the polyester pants.

The two piece blazers and formal skirts from Tahari are a rage in designer clothing because of their elegance and appeal. Their blazers are chic, for example, the red blazer mentioned above with gold buttons, shaped and structured like very prim and strict officer’s coat. There are blazers that are accented at waists to give a more exquisite and feminine look. The shimmering orange ‘Macy’s favourite’ suit has a faux-welt pocket and its jacket gives you a visual enhancement.

Blazers and suit tops may differ. You may find about a hundred designs of Tahari suits, but having a few in your own wardrobe has its own advantage. You will never go out of fashion; you will always dress in style, eloquently and elegantly. The tops can also be teamed up with casual denims or t-shirts and add even more appeal to your wardrobe.


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