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Taking Care of Diamond Jewelry

Updated on August 13, 2013
Diamond engagement ring
Diamond engagement ring

Diamond jewelry is considered the most desired in the world. If you have any item of diamond jewelry such as diamond earrings, or a diamond ring you will want to take good care of them, not only for your own enjoyment, but so they can be passed on to future generations. Taking care of diamond jewelry does not only include cleaning and polishing it correctly, but also making sure that you do not lose the jewelry. For many women to losing an item of diamond jewelry is akin to losing a part of her being; so avoiding mishaps or theft is extremely important for owners.

Don't let your jewelry out of your sight

In many cases, a lady may be attending an event away from home where she wishes to wear her diamond jewelry. This means she needs to travel with the jewelry, so several precautions should be taken to ensure the valuables arrive back home with her safe and sound.

Firstly, it is important to insure the item in case the worst should happen. Even though insurance money will not replace the item lost, at least it does offer some compensation.

While you are traveling it is important that you do not have the jewelry on display as this can attract unwanted attention from would-be thieves. Store the jewelry in a specially designed jewelry travel case, and keep it well out of sight.

Social events

If you are attending a social event where the other guests are not well known to you you may want to reconsider your wish to wear your best jewelry, and choose instead to wear something of a lower value, such as handmade silver jewellery, which can sill look delightful, but is worth only a fraction of the value when compared to diamonds. If you decide to continue with wearing a valuable to the event, make sure that there is very tight security, and only invited guests known to the hosts will be allowed in. If this looks like it is not going to be the case, it is far better to wear imitation jewelry than risk losing your valuable diamond sets through theft.


When traveling, always place the jewelry in a safety deposit box. Never leave the diamonds hidden in the hotel room, even if you're only going out for an hour or two.

If traveling on an aircraft, make sure you do not put your jewelry in your luggage that is being taken off you to be stored below during the flight. Keep it in your hand luggage within your sight at all times.

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

As time goes by, diamonds will lose their shining brilliance. After you have worn the jewelry you're likely to find it is smudged and dulled with fingerprints. The natural oils from your skin, as well is soap and lotions that you use cause jewelry to become grimy and will result in it being covered with a film that will hide its true brilliance. If you do not wear your jewelry often you will still need to clean it as it will collect dust. Cleaning diamond jewelry does not take long and it is worth the few minutes to have your beautiful diamond items gleaming once again.

Utensils and Instructions

To clean your diamond jewelry thoroughly you will need a small soft brush, some soap and warm water, a small bowl, a strainer and a cloth that does not have any lint.

To start out make a mixture of warm soapy water in the bowl. Place the jewelry into the bowl and brush it gently while it is still underneath the water. After a few minutes of brushing the jewelry, rinse it under cool, water using the strainer. This will prevent it accidentally falling down the plughole. Once it is rinsed allow to dry naturally and then polish with the lint-free cloth. Alternatively, use a dedicated jewelry cloth to give the diamond extra shine.

If washing your jewelry in soapy water does not do the trick. You may need a stronger cleaning solution. Make a mix of half water, half ammonia and sink your jewelry in the solution for around 30 minutes. The remove the jewelry and brush it gently with the brush and then return it to the solution. Swish it around within the water for a few minutes and you should find that the jewelry is now perfectly clean.

Some jewelers sell a premixed jewelry cleaning solution as well as a cleaning Kit with contains all the items you need to clean your jewelry thoroughly. Before using any such kit be sure to read the instructions carefully to get the best results.


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