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Talk is Cheap When a Haircut Does The Talking

Updated on February 2, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Zager and Evans today. This duo released "2525" in 1969.
Zager and Evans today. This duo released "2525" in 1969. | Source

Does Anyone Remember

Zager and Evans? I would hope that a few of you would say amen! I remember this duo, back when duo's were good singers and stood for something, but I also remember how quickly this duo happened on the scene, then for some mysterious reason, left.

The year,1969. The hit, "2525,"was recorded and released by Zager and Evans and you might be among the many who would be so gullible that this duo's light-speed exit from the Music Scene that you would think that some diabolical conspiracy was afoot making the JFK Conspiracy look like a show by Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

As far as I know, you would be wrong. For the life of me, I cannot find any inkling about Zager and Evans and why their songs and talent didn't keep their tanks full and their songs kept on the air from disc jockey's--both strange and wound-tightly all strung-out from the east to the west coast.

I Must Confess

that the previous fabulously-written paragraphs did not have anything whatsoever to do about my main topic: Talk is Cheap When a Haircut Does The Talking. Let me say, whoooaaa, Nellie, right here because I do not want anyone to misunderstand or let some of their opinions misifire at a weekend party. (Have you noticed that I have been busy reading some of the best works of the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson?) Good. Then you and I can build on our one agreement.

I recall a few long years back about a hairstyle piece that I published on HubPages, but the text was in essay, first-person style and it dealt mostly about Greasers with hair slicked back from the sides of their heads to the Mop Haircuts made famous by you know them as the Beatles. Here is another piece of food that you can think about--not really now, but tomorrow if you like . . .in this year 2019, I have seen evidence that the Greaser and Mop hairstyles are still with us, but now we have another reason to get up in the morning. . .Shaved heads made mostly by bikers with attitudes; prison inmates and a lot of Marines and SEALs. Of the aforementioned, I would not advise you to lose your cool and start tongue-lashing them in public or private.

While I would love to reprise the Greaser and Mop hairstyles, I think for space and time concerns, I will just talk about The Bald Headcut. You got it. The Bald Headcut. I even made up a new look for guys and listen. I was THE FIRST to ever use the look in how guys (in some places) only use a sharp straight razor for a comb and go ahead about their business. But in all honesty, I have to give due thanks to the guys who pioneered The Bald Head Cut (of which I am a member) and maybe in a few years my zest for “this” look (with little or no hair) will pan out for me to have walked in the footsteps of Mr. Clean, the silent spokesman who is solely-responsible for selling trillions of products that bear his name and he never complained—not one time about his lack of hair on his head.

A man who wears a Bald Headcut is always popular and commands instant respect.
A man who wears a Bald Headcut is always popular and commands instant respect. | Source

What Does The Bald Headcut Really Mean

for me and others like me? Okay. I will share my information without “splitting hairs.” The Bald Headcut means . . .

  1. I gain instant respect at the very moment when I enter a room—no matter where.
  2. I am not bothered by those with long hair who wonder is something wrong with me?
  3. I do not have to perform for anyone about anything—my Bald Headcut says it all.
  4. All I have to do to explain why I feel something is to lean over to show my Bald Headcut.
  5. Women, both single and married, always whisper, what a man! No hair does something for him.
  6. His Baldhead Cut does make him favor Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I Recall The Moment

when I first followed-through about wearing a Bald Headcut. I was helping my wife wash her car at home during a very hot summer afternoon. She was doing the soaping on the car and I was rinsing the soap off (No. This is not a take on Karate Kid) and somehow she accidentally-sprayed me from head to toe—and when I looked in the passenger’s side mirror, I noticed that I did look a bit better with what I thought was a great haircut. But the only thing I I saw was a Buzz Cut and that was the rage in Hamilton, Ala., but even with this drastic-move, I was not satisfied. I wanted more. Lots more.

Or less. A lot less.

Enter the Bald Headcut.

February 2, 2019

The Crew Cut (shown here) was the prototype of The Bald Headcut.
The Crew Cut (shown here) was the prototype of The Bald Headcut. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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