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Tips for Choosing a Talking Watch

Updated on September 27, 2011

Do You Need a Talking Watch?

A talking watch can be handy for some and a necessity for others. These devices look like any traditional watch but they add the capability of having the time, and sometimes other information, announced audibly.

Certainly there are many people who can use these watches more easily and situations that call for their features. You can learn more about them, their benefits, and the features they offer here on this page. In addition, you will find a variety of popular talking watches to consider.

Buying Tips

A talking watch can be perfect for many people. They are especially useful for those who need bifocals, those with low vision, people who are blind, or have autism. They are even useful for those who find they often have to tell the time in situations where light is limited.

When choosing one of these watches there are a few features that are worth considering before you buy.

  • The audible announcement
    Some talking watches announce the time only. This is perfect for those who want simplicity. Others may want the date, the day, and so forth announced as well. All of the talking watches here will announce the time at the press of a button, some will also offer the option of having the time announced every hour. If this is desirable, it's an important feature to seek out on the watch you choose.

    In addition, users may have a preference for a male or female voice. Some watches are also louder than others. Some allow the volume to be adjusted. Reviewing current customer reviews (which can be seen by clicking on images of the products on this page) can help in determining if others have difficulty hearing the voice announcements provided by a given watch.
  • Ease of Use
    The number of buttons on a individual watch can vary. More buttons may mean more functions but it can also mean more complexity and more chance for error. If there are multiple buttons, the one designated for making the voice announcement should perhaps be separate from other buttons or easily distinguishable to prevent inadvertently pressing other buttons.

    Another very handy feature on a these watches are audible cues for setting the time, the alarm, and so forth. Without this, a person with limited vision may have to seek assistance for these functions.

    Another ease of use consideration is radio controlled capabilities. A watch that is radio controlled or is called "atomic" means that the time can be accurately and automatically set without the user having to perform this function.
  • Other functions and features
    Some of talking watches are sporty and others are more elegant. The watch needs to suit the style of the user.

    Some of these watches will provide a stopwatch, multiple alarms, and so forth. The usefulness of such functions will depend upon the user.

Tel-Time VII

The Tel-Time VII is an affordable option for those seeking a talking watch. It has 1/4" numerals on the display and will announce the time at the press of a button as well as hourly.

It has a unisex design, square face, and plastic band. It features a female voice and operates off of one lithium CR-2025 battery. It comes with a 30 day warranty.

Mens 4

This is another affordable option for men. It features both date and time announcement.

Users can also set up to 4 alarms to remind them of important events or activities. It also features a talking 24 hour stopwatch and offers optional hourly announcements. It has an adjustable stainless steel band.

Reizen's for Men

This stylish watch has a stainless steel bezel, 1 1/4" white face with bold black numerals, and a leather band. It's radio controlled meaning that it automatically sets itself and will account for Daylight Savings Time as needed.

This men's talking watch will announce the time, day, and date at the press of a button. It can also be set to chime on the hour.

Ladies Two Tone Talking Watch

This two tone, gold and silver, watch announces the time and date at the press of a button. It features a 1" white clock face with black numerals and an expansion band.

Users can select a man's or woman's voice for the announcement. This watch is perfect for those who want the simplicty of a watch that tells the time and nothing else.


This is another two tone watch with a white face and black numerals for women. It has an expansion band and accurate quartz movement.

This talking watch will announce the time with a female voice. Even setting the time is done audibly. This watch comes with a lifetime limited warranty and should serve the user for years to come.

This watch is also offered in a silver tone finish.

Pendant Watch

An alternative for women who would rather not wear a wrist watch, this pendant is also a talking watch. It has a gold finish and comes with a 28" golden chain. The face is 1 1/4" in diameter, gold/white, with black numerals.

This analog time piece provides an audible time annoucement with a male voice and an alarm.

Avalon for Men

This time piece from Avalon is designed for men. It has a silver tone finish and stainless steel flex band for comfort. The face is white with high contrast black numerals.

This watch will announce the time in a loud female voice at the press of a button. Audible time setting makes it easy to adjust the time. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

It is also available in a gold tone finish.

Water Resistant Reitzen

This is a somewhat sportier, more rugged talking watch. It is resistant to incidental contact with water, has a durable resin band, and stainless steel back. Time is displayed on the 1 1/8" analog watch face as well as on a small LCD display that is embedded there. This watch will announce the time in a female voice at the press of a button.

This watch also features a sweep second hand, an alarm, snooze function, and an hourly chime. Users can select from 5 different alarm sounds.

Reitzen Sports Watch

This sporty looking watch has a chrome/gray bezel and black polymer band. It's an "atomic" watch which means that it can receive the radio signals to allow it to set it's time automatically and accurately. It announces the time, date, day, and alarm status in a male voice at the press of a button. Users can also set it to chime/announce the time hourly. It even provides audible cues to allow low vision users to set the time independently.

This watch has a 1 1/8" analog watch face with hour, minute, and sweep second hands. It comes with operating instructions on cassette and a one year warranty.


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    • PaperNotes profile image

      PaperNotes 6 years ago

      Awesome watches! This reminds me and actually gave me an idea. Several times when other people would ask me for the time. Once when we were inside a theater, a man sitting beside me actually asked me for the time when it is pitch dark inside the cinema! He's just probably making a move! Anyhow, perhaps if I had a talking watch back then, I could just let my watch tell him the time, the man might even be surprised, lol!

    • irenemaria profile image

      irenemaria 6 years ago from Sweden

      A near friend of mine who is blind used one of these talking watches.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 6 years ago from South Africa

      Man, I think one of these would drive me completely nuts (I know I'm at least halfway there already!) - after all, I already have my wife and daughter talking to me all the time! LOL!

      Thanks for the info - now I know what I definitely don't want for Christmas! LOL again!

      Love and peace