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Tall Man Shops and Tall Man Stores Your guide to the Big Tall Man Shop

Updated on July 16, 2009

Big and Tall Shops Uncovered!

You board a plane and are unable to put your feet down because your knees are stuck in the plane seat in front of you. You walk into your local shoe store and are ushered to a shelf with 10 pairs of shoes all designed in the early 1900s. You head to your local department store and try on long sleeve shirts which fit like they were designed for a / an eleven year old.

My friends welcome to the world of of shopping for the Big & Tall Man.

How Tall is Tall?

The world was designed for the regular sized man. According to wikipedia, the average height for a man is 5'10 and thus many of the comforts in our society are designed as such. Big & Tall is officially defined as any size above 14 for woman and any shirt size bigger than XL for men. There are many Tall Man Stores and Shops throughout the U.S. you simply must know where to look.

Many of the bigger department stores also have in house big and tall shops which carry everything from standard slacks and dress shirts to the all important elongated toe socks. One of the downsides of having a large frame is cost. For example, a designer shirt sized large typically sells for $20.00. The same shirt sized in a 3XL could cost as much as $15.00 more than the regular sized shirt. It is possible that this cost can be justified by the increased material production required to make the shirt however I don't believe the cost is that much more expensive.

Tall Man Store Criteria

As a taller gentlemen I believe I know the best places to find larger size clothing. Some of the componets I look for when selecting my clothing are as follows

  • Does the shop carry sized 15+ shoes?
  • How often are Big & Tall Shipments received?
  • Are the sizes only XL or do they carry XLT as well? (XLT = Extra Large Tall)
  • Does the Tall Man Shop carry unhemmed pants?
  • Lastly what popular designers do they carr for the large man?

I've found Macy's to be one of the best places to shop. Although many of there Brick & Mortar stores carry next to nothing in regards to specialty tall guy clothing they make up for this via their website. Popular brands carried includes Ralph Lauren, Sean John, Levi, Nautica, and Kenneth Cole just to name a few.

My favorite Tall Man Store by far is K&G. Macy's meets TJ Maxx. They generally have a clothing section that rivals any department store a fraction of the cost. They also carry a nice selection of large shoes with sizes of up to 17 not uncommon.

When you make your next Plus sized purchase you should consider one of the above captioned stores.

Where do you Purchase Clothing for the Big Guy?

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    • profile image

      Robert Schlein 6 years ago

      Big Tall Direct, has a great selection of items for tall and big guys. Their unique size-searchable site makes shopping easy and quick.

    • profile image

      Tallmans Clothing 6 years ago


      This is a very excellent post. i got very good ideas about tall mans fashionable ,comfortable clothe from these post . i really like this post.

      Thank you,