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Hallelujah! Tankini Womens Swimsuits Save Swimming

Updated on February 15, 2010

I needed to buy a new swimsuit, and I wasn't looking forward to it. Why? Because last I checked, women's swimwear came in two flavors, skimpy or Russian Weight Lifter, and neither appealed. But something miraculous happened when I ventured out to my local purveyor of swimsuits. It turned out that whilst I wasn't paying attention, women's swimwear had changed. It had changed starkly, and I would say notably for the better. Whereas at one stage, women had the choice between a one piece or a bikini, a plethora of new choices have sprung up, and when I say 'plethora', I mean of course, two new choices.

The monokini like a one piece swimsuit gone bad. It has bits hacked out of it in strategic places and exposes far more than it covers. It is perfect for exposing your body, attracting attention and generally looking like you might be up for a drink and dinner later on. It wasn't my cup of tea, seeing as its pretty much a bikini in disguise, but there was another type of swimsuit on the market, a swimsuit unlike any I had seen before.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the monokini, tending towards the retro, is a new style of swimsuit called a tankini. It is often comprised of bikini bottoms (though you can also buy boy short style bottoms that are infinitely more comfortable and less likely to ride up your rear end,) and what looks like a tank top. These swimsuits cover far more of the body whilst still maintaining a fashionable, youthful look that actually allows you to be active in the water.

Why is this so important? Well, plenty of swimsuit designers appear to have forgotten that women occasionally swim. Halter neck bikinis that lace up behind the back of the head are disasters waiting to happen, as are monokinins that need to be constantly adjusted so you don't Janet Jackson the entire swimming complex. This is why I am so in favor of the tankini style swimsuit.

A good tankini won't just be a tank top made out of swimsuit fabric, it will usually also have a secondary shelf type apparatus that wraps around the bosom and keeps it safely within the top. As a larger busted woman who has been on the verge of falling out of swimsuits most of her life, I can swear that a good tankini (mine is made by Speedo,) is worth its weight in gold when it comes to aquatic high jinks. When wearing a tankini you can swim and play as much as you like without having to worry about indecent exposure.

Tankinis are the graceful option for fuller figured women, or indeed, anyone over 25. They look good, feel good and allow a full range of movement that you just can't get from other swimsuit styles. Sure, you can wear a bikini for lounging by the pool, or a monokini for trying to attract an agent, but a tankini is what you want to wear when you're serious about diving into the waves and getting knocked about a bit.


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