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Tanning Beds: Top Five Tips for Beginners

Updated on July 4, 2017

Tanning can be a great way to eliminate the bothersome effects of many skin conditions, such as acne and eczema. It can give individuals the Vitamin D that many are desperately lacking and helps fight feelings of fatigue.

On top of that, going tanning will give everyone that gorgeous glow to their skin that makes them feel sexier than ever. (It's a great way to boost self esteem)

There are a few things that beginners need to keep in mind before they start to go tanning, and these tips will guarantee that they both look and feel their best after going tanning.

Stay hydrated

Tanning, whether outdoors or in a tanning bed, will make the body sweat. Think about it, when a person's body gets hot, it needs to cool down. There have been times that people have left a tanning bed and there has been a pool of sweat on the tanning bed because they got so hot.

Tanning over time can lead to individuals feeling more dehydrated than ever before, particularly if the person does not drink water on a regular basis. Staying properly hydrated can help prevent the many symptoms of dehydration that some people experience after going tanning, such as dizziness and fatigue.

If tanning salons do not sell healthy, pick up a Gatorade or bottled water on the way to have it on hand.


When a hot dog is cooking in a gas station, it is often on a thing that rotates so that the entire hot dog cooks evenly. This same principle applies to tanning. In order to tan evenly, a person has to rotate by laying on their back, stomach and their sides evenly.

If they do not, this often results in one side of the body getting more tan than another side. If the UV lights cannot reach the sides of the body, there will be strips down the sides of the body that are not tan.

There are some tanning beds that have UV bulbs on the side, but they are usually only on one side, so remember to switch so that both sides get an even, beautiful tan.

Different positions

In addition to customers rotating so that every single side of the body gets an even tan, they may also have to lay in different positions to make sure that every inch of the body gets a tan as well.

Many clients lift their arms up to make sure that their armpits get a tan. More curvaceous clients may find that they do not get tan under their breasts or under their butt cheeks. Stand up beds are great for taking care of that problem.

Most customers can tell if they need to pay particular attention to a certain area after just a few tanning sessions.

Tanning stickers

Tanning stickers can be purchased at many tanning salons, or they can be bought online. These are very popular because they are similar to temporary tattoos. The tanning sticker is placed on the skin in the same spot every session, creating a pale spot that is not tan like the rest of the body. When a client gets tired of the shape or they would like a different one, they simply stop putting a tanning sticker on. This is a fun way to customise your look without looking less mature by using temporary tattoos.

I use these because there are more than enough on a roll, and right now I love palm trees :)

Raccoon eyes

Beginners are encouraged to pay attention to how large the goggles are, and how they fit around their eyes. If the goggles are too large, this often results in the area around the eye not being tan, which is basically a large circle around the eyes, hence the name raccoon eyes.

These can be covered up with makeup, particularly if they are only on the upper lid. Smaller goggles can also be used that only cover the eye to help prevent this all together.

Tanning comes with quite a few benefits. Even when individuals choose to go tanning for medical reasons, they will still wind up with some color on their skin, and that is why it is important to keep these tips in mind. They guarantee that every person will leave the salon looking their best.


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